Mama’s Got Her Spring Back! + Daniel Wellington Watch Giveaway

I have come to find in my few years as a mom that style is optional. OK, I take that back…style is almost non existent. Between finding the time and the money it takes to stay up to date on today’s fashion trends, I seem to always be about three seasons behind on what is considered fly. Boohoo me. I have attempted to accept my somewhat eclectic half slept disheveled hair “mom” look though and I think I pull it off quite nicely most days. There are a few key signature pieces that I keep in my wardrobe that provide a signature look no matter what I have on. As we step into our second dedication to our Mama’s Got Her Spring Back! Series, I want to share a few with you plus give you the deets on how you can win a classic Daniel Wellington watch!

Great Earrings

I am a strong believer that a good pair of earrings will take you very far in life. No matter if you are wearing a trucker hat or a plain white tee, a beautiful pair of earrings will give you that extra umph you need to get through the day. I will admit, this is an indulgence for moms with children that are past the pull and grab stage so tread lightly here. I have always been more of a fan of gold than silver. Gold earrings paired with a beautiful stone is my go to look and confidence booster when #momlife is taking its toll. 

A Stylish Leather Bag

A stylish mom bag doubles for convenience and mistaken fashion sense. I receive so many compliments on my bags (and I’m grateful) but the only reason I carry them is because there is normally and entire arsenal of kid back up care stuffed inside. Wet wipes, change of clothes, medicine, food…from like two weeks ago…you get the point. A stylish leather diaper bag will add an extra dose of “oh girl you look good” to any outfit you wear. Don’t believe me? Keep up with our series to find out how you can win this Lily Jade leather diaper bag in a few weeks. Get your fly on mama!

A Classic Timepiece

I get it, with technology, who wants to wear a watch anymore? Let me just start off by saying this- adults wear watches. Yes, I said it. You are an adult. Forget the phone. You should wear a watch. Watches are timeless and give you a certain established look where people feel they can trust you because you seem sophisticated. No one has to know what goes on behind closed doors. A nice watch will elevate your style and your credibility. One of my favorite watch companies is Daniel Wellington. I have a few watches by them and each one stands on its own. Daniel Wellington has just released its Classic Petite watch and it is absolutely beautiful. Dainty, lady like, and fashionable all at the same time. The Classic Petite comes in Sterling (white face), Sterling (black face) , Melrose (white face), and Melrose (black face). Encased in beautiful rose gold, the Classic Petite is crafted from refined and polished 3I6L stainless steel core with a rose gold plating. The strap is made from stainless steel mesh which makes it soft, lightweight, and easily adjustable. Oh, and it’s also water resistant. Win win for moms. I mean, seriously. 

To check out more styles by Daniel Wellington, check out their website here

I know you have stuck around this long to figure out how you can win one and that’s cool because I’m giving one away. Here is how you can win:

Giveaway Deets: Leave a comment below telling us what essential item serves as a fashion statement in your wardrobe. 

Giveaway winner will be announced on the April 15th!

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This post is sponsored by Daniel Wellington. All opinions expressed are my own. 


GIVEAWAY CLOSED: Congrats Leah Felice!