Here’s the thing: Mamas are ALWAYS putting their family first. We will buy our children’s clothes before ours, make sure our husbands eat before us, and spend the day cleaning instead of relaxing. I don’t blame you. It is how we are made. Let’s blame Mother Nature I guess. She has taken care of the entire world. Anyhow, as a mom that did this for many years, I started to formulate ways to put my family first but also kept me in the running. Here are 7 Ways To Ball On A Budget.

Press On Nails Are BAE

I have always had long and strong nails. After several years of bathtime, washing dishes, and of course trimming them so that I wouldn’t poke the baby in the eye, the state of my nails became a quick afterthought. Not to mention that the average gel set at a salon is $50. I have fallen in love with press on nails! Here’s why: the average set of press on nails are around $8 and they can last roughly two weeks (you may have to glue one or two on in that time but…you get my drift). You can even buy press on nails for your toes. If you need a quick look, use the stickers – think photoshoot or dinner. If you need a more long standing look, use the glue. Make sure to remove nails properly to avoid any damage to your nails.

Thrift Shopping Never Goes Out Of Style

We all crave for thrift shopping that rivals Nasty Gal and if you look with more intention, you can find it. Do you want the unworn high end clothing? Go to the thrift stores in the richer parts of your town. Stay away from the hipster thrifts and go to a Goodwill or Salvation Army. Also, the timing of your trip is the most important. If you want great Winter clothes, shop in April or May for fur coats and beautiful sweaters. This is when people do their Spring cleaning and get rid of all the clothes they did not wear last year. Another great time for Winter coats and sweaters is in the Fall. Closets are being restocked again and old clothes are being thrown out.

I purchased this $200 dress for around $12. The dress still had the price tags on it.

You Don’t Have To Be Ballin To Travel!

I absolutely LOVE TO TRAVEL! So much that I even started my own travel company. As a mom though, I absolutely know that traveling cannot be easy, especially when you have kiddos to tag along. Let’s focus on you first though mama and then we will get to the kids. One of my favorite sites to look at travel deals is Groupon. You have to purchase their travel plans in sets of twos so it is a great getaway for you and hubby or you and a girlfriend for some R&R. Some of their deals also include air travel, accommodations, food, and excursions! You can be in Punta Cana six days for only $459!

If you would like to take the children and can’t afford to purchase the plane tickets for 5 people (big families need love too), explore what is close to you within a 5-6 hour radius. Instead of staying in expensive hotels, book an AirBNB where you are guaranteed to save more than half the cost of a hotel, the experience will feel more at home, and you can use an AirBNB with a full kitchen so that you can grocery shop to save on food. You can also book excursions on AirBNB as well.

Split The Costs Of Yearly Memberships

I learned about this golden trick when I was a stay at home mother. Because the bulk of children activities fell on me, I started to get with other moms to split memberships. Most places like zoos and aquariums have packages that include things like two adults and four kids. If you get with another mom, you can get on the plan together and spend less than getting on the plan yourself.

For adult time, you can purchase group deals the same way for local museums. Most museums have adult jazz nights and events that make great for a night out to meet other adults, network, and spend time with a human that doesn’t spend their days spitting up and begging you for titty milk.

Grocery Shop More Frequently

Did you know that you would actually save more money on groceries if you shopped more frequently than not? When we bulk shop, we tend to overspend and purchase less healthy foods. Because you need the food to last, moms will buy more non-perishable or processed foods and because you do not want to come back to the store for two weeks, you over purchase produce that will go bad if you do not eat it right away. Let’s stop buying three bags of kale. Do not lie to yourself. Your family is not going to eat all of that in one week. Try food planning and shopping every three days if you are close to a grocery store and once a week if you live a little further out.

Throw A Fancy Dinner Party At Your House

It is fun to go out but it can be expensive. Have some girlfriends come over, everyone chip in $25, dress up and have a girls night IN. If the children are all of decent age, you can have them come and not pay for a sitter for an evening play date. If the kids are younger, you can plan the dinner around 8 pm and put all the kiddos to bed together before starting.

You Can Still Be Plant BAE And Not Spend $30 A Week On Fresh Flowers

I know. Pinterest has us living our best lives through their curated images. The truth is though, when you are running behind a busy three year old, trying to remember to cook dinner, and stay on top of your work, adding the stress (and cost) of taking care of fresh plants can be a lot. Invest in a few low maintenance plants like ivy or ferns and mix in some fake flowers for aesthetics. Put your green thumb to use by keeping some real green in your pocket!

Mamas, what are some of your favorite money saving hacks?