We have finally made it out of the winter time blues! As a millennial mom, I always feel that I have to defend our want to be stylish and not fall into the “I’m a mom so I wear sweatpants everywhere I go” mentality. Just because we are mothers doesn’t mean we can’t own our flyness. We deserve it! 

Let’s talk some of my favorite Spring fashion trends below:

The “I Chase My Kid During Playtime While Sipping A Cocktail” Pants

Listen. I don’t know what these pants are actually called but that is exactly how they make me feel each and every single time I put them on. I feel like I should be doing some activity that everyday #momlife prevents me from accomplishing – like sipping actual cocktails and laughing hysterically for no reason at all. But in all seriousness, I am a HUGE lover of any type of clothing that feels like air. With the weather warming up, I want do to park days without the uncomfortableness of jeans, the blah-ness of leggings, and give the appearance that I care about my look…well as much as momming will allow for the day, anyway. 

I’ve styled this look with heels but you can easily slide on your favorite kid approved shoe and you are good to go.

Let Your Mama Teets Hang, Girl

This is bold, I know. Let those teets hang! 

Before childbirth, I was so proud of those two mosquito bite boobies that sat up really pretty. My nipples were small and feminine. I thought that’s what they were supposed to look like forever. Fast forward a few years and countless breastfeeding nights later and I have developed the “mom” boob. Widely sought out but rarely recognized, my mom boobs are now sloped to form a teardrop and my nipples are everything but small and feminine. 

While I still love my breasts, admittedly, they don’t look like they used to and trying to feel sexy in some low cut flimsy dress can become hard. So, I say forget it mama. Go for it. Put on the low shirt. Hold your head up and let the girls get some sunshine. These breasts nurture life. They are still beautiful.

Win A Diaper Bag That Doesn’t Look Like A Diaper Bag and ROCK IT!

How often do you get to spoil yourself with a brand new bag? Let alone something that works well with your mama vibe? We are partnering with one lucky mama to give away a Lily Jade diaper bag! Consider it our pre Mother’s Day gift to you. 

Here’s what we love:

Lily Jade offers naturally tanned leather convertible diaper bags that can be worn as a shoulder bag, messenger bag, or back pack. 

On the Rosie Gold & Camel diaper bag, you have two large exterior zipped pockets and inside, you have a changing pad and their 12 pocket removable organizer. 

Watch our YouTube video below to see all of the features:

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Leave a comment below telling us your favorite Spring fashion trend!

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