I have been a mom for four years and have only went to a salon twice in that time frame. That sounds pretty terrible, I know but some of it is by choice. I actually like styling my own hair at home. I have colored my hair a few times, once professionally and the other by some store bought brand. Each time was sufficient.

Salon Colored

Store bought color

My hair took the color but was left in a very dry and brittle state. With Locs especially, that is no good. Moisture is key to keeping Locs strong and healthy. That’s why I was so excited to try Madison Reed’s at home coloring system. Madison Reed provides all of the essential items necessary for coloring your hair including the shampoo, conditioner, gloves, barrier cream, a cleansing wipe, and a hair cap.

Their website is also very helpful with the entire coloring process. They take you through a brief questionnaire to match you with the perfect color and also offer two payment options: $24.99 for a one time purchase or $19.99 for their “Color Me Happy” delivery of hair color at a time interval of your choosing. Along with the hair color, Madison Reed also sent me large tubes of shampoo, conditioner, their Vitalize serum (this stuff is AMAZING!), and their Color Reviving Gloss for coppper red tones. 

So, I am not going to go on and on about how much I love Madison Reed but I do want to show you! Watch my hair color tutorial, see my results, and let me know what you think. If you like what you see and want to try Madison Reed yourself, you can use coupon code “COLORME” for 10% off your first hair color purchase + FREE SHIPPING! Who doesn’t love free shipping? Click here to activate your promo code. 

Check out my tutorial below and share your thoughts below on your experience with at home coloring systems.


With love,


This post was sponsored by Madison Reed. All opinions expressed are my own.