Being from the South, winter and I have never quite got along. I am not a fan of the additional clothes you have to wear or the dreary weather. What I dislike most about winter though, is the dry skin that comes along with it. Even for my little one, winter does great damage to her skin. Her eczema flares up and it becomes a race to find the right creme or body products that will keep her from itchiness and being uncomfortable.

Before I started Black Moms Blog, I used to have an organic skincare line that specifically targeted dry, winter skin. And since the business has been on hiatus for the past year and a half, I have had an impossible time finding products that give me the same results until using Nilotic Creme. Listen mamas, this is not another standard review. I mean, I REALLY love this body butter. I love the aesthetics of the packaging, the lightweight feel and the way that it does not leave me feeling greasy after I use it. Believe me, I was raised on cocoa butter and Shea butter…I know a good moisturizer when I feel it.

Outside of the fact that my Nilotic Creme is a great moisturizer, it also is good for the environment. Being as busy as I am, I have to get my good citizen points where I can so I try to only use products that are chemical free. The best part about Nilotic Creme is that not only does it not contain any chemicals or cheap fillers, it is also PETA approved for being vegan and animal cruelty free. So for all of you who fuss at me when I talk about products that may be leather, this one is for you. You hear me? JUST FOR YOU!

Some key points I want to mention about Nilotic Creme are that it is packaged in 100% sustainable an biodegradable bamboo wood, the body butter is high in vitamins and serves as a natural collagen boost. Also, each purchase made pays for 3 weeks of school for a Ugandan child and 3 trees are planted for nutrition, women empowerment, and the environment. Nilotic Fruit Butter is used by many moms in Uganda because it promotes peaceful sleep. 

To wrap this up, I am a huge fan of this product. Normally I have to be selective on what I use and what I allow my daughter to share with me when it comes to skincare. Since her skin is more sensitive than mine, I have to stay away from heavily perfumed butters and lotions. After recent reports of cancer emerging from skin products that contain unsafe chemicals, I am much more cautious of everything we consume and apply topically.

If you like what you read and would like to purchase your own jar of Nilotic Creme, check out their website here. You can also follow Nilotic Creme on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

With love,