As a mom in the 21st century, I am constantly fighting with my daughter about what she can look at on my phone. The television is no longer the problem; now it has been resorting to finding educational learning videos and stories for children on the Internet. I will come across a seemingly child friendly show on Youtube, only to watch it through and see that it has turned violent with fighting or screaming. Not to mention, it is still very hard to find minority based children’s content online. That is why I am so excited to introduce you all to Reba To The Rescue created by Cicely Mitchell. Reba To The Rescue is a multi-faceted learning endeavor geared towards preschool-kindergarten aged children. Reba To The Rescue is so great because it includes an educational kids app, informative podcasts, and free E-Learning stories, as well as E-Learning stories available for purchase. No more searching endlessly on Youtube for content. We have it all right here.

Developed by former educator, turned radio/voice talent, Cicely C. Mitchell, “Reba To The Rescue” encompasses components of education and information vital for early learners. Cicely Mitchell has managed to use both of her careers in education and radio to deliver a star studded musical soundtrack to her series. All music featured on Reba To The Rescue is composed, written and/or performed by GRAMMY award-winning jazz musicians. The Kids App features the music of jazz guitarist Pat Metheny  and Take 6, while the theme song was composed and performed by jazz bassist Christian McBride. So mamas, someone actually thought of us when creating kid friendly content. No more listening to cheesy music while you let your children learn from your mobile device or laptop.


One of my favorite Reba To The Rescue videos is with famed dancer and choreographer, Ashley Everett who joins Reba to celebrate her body image, dancing and healthy eating. I also love the downloadable coloring pages that children can use outside of the videos. It allows the child to continue learning with Reba, even outside of the internet.


“Reba To The Rescue” continues to grow with books soon to be released in both Japanese and English. Stories are available for download or streaming, which include joyful videos that center around understanding basic colors in both English as well as Spanish for early learners. Free ELearning stories include basic math, basic shapes and zoo animals.

Creator of “Reba To The Rescue” Cicely Mitchell, says that it’s an endeavor that will continue to flourish:

“Reba is someone we can all learn from and love. She encompasses love, light and a willingness to help. This endeavor is one that is close to my heart, celebrating my late parents who were both educators, turned administrators. Education is key and having a solid foundation built upon love, support are fundamental for growth and enlightenment for our young people,” says Mitchell.

“Reba To The Rescue” also features clothing. Much more is in the works for “Reba To The Rescue”! You can learn more about Reba To The Rescue below:



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*This is a sponsored blog post. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.