When I had my first child, I was able to stay home for the recommended month and recover. This made diaper changes way easier and much more convenient as I snuggled with my first born daughter. Now that I’m on baby #3 and homeschooling my two older ones, we are a family of movers and shakers!

Diapering Boys Is Different Than Girls

After having 2 little girls, I finally got my boy. While pregnant, everyone told me that diapering little boys would be so much easier than my girls. WRONG! Listen, this little boy has been peeing on me since he vacated the womb–literally. As in he peed on me once he placed on my chest. I should have known then that I was in for some tiresome diapering. It seems like as soon as I change his diaper, he’s wet again!

Preparation Is Key

Because we’re on the go so much learning and absorbing all the information that Georgia has to offer, making sure that my sons skin stays as dry as possible is important. Which is why I love that the Comforts Diapers pulls the moisture away from his skin ensuring his little bottom stays dry. While we’re out chasing lessons, I don’t have to worry about diaper rash and his discomfort because we’ve made a quality choice in diaper.

Keeping Things Clean

When you have 3 kids, you go through a lot of wipes. Whether it’s because my oldest has used 10 wipes to clean the baby’s bottom when it would have normally taken 2 or because your toddler has managed to touch everything from every grain of dirt to old gum left under a table, wipes are a hot commodity for moms on the go. For my son, I love that the Comforts Wipes are thick and soft making it so there are less wipes being used. For my daughters, I love how they clean up the messes on them and the ones they make in one simple wipe. And for my pockets, I love how cost efficient they are!

Because Comforts Diapers and Wipes are available exclusively at Kroger family stores, I know that quality is always around the nearest corner and I won’t have to compromise if I run out of things when we’re out and about. Here’s a coupon for you to check them out on your own. Be sure to come back and share your thoughts!

Tell me moms–what qualities do you look for when choosing diapers and wipes?

You can view their website here for more information. 

-With warm gratitude,

Aaronica (Mrs. ABC)

*This post is sponsored by Comforts™ Brand. All opinions expressed are my own.