It’s Our Anniversary: 5 Lessons I Have Learned As A Successful Mommy Blogger

Black Moms Blog has officially reached its first year of business and what a year it has been!

Black Moms Blog has officially reached its first year of business and what a year it has been! As the Creator of this space, I am overwhelmed with the love and support from each of you who continue to read Black Moms Blog as well as share, like, comment, and engage with our community. We have so many great things in store for 2017 that I hope you all stick around for to see! “Thank you” can never fully sum up my gratitude so maybe a cyber hug? Either way, I hope you feel our overwhelming love! Below, I am talking about 5 Lessons I Have Learned As A Successful Mommy Blogger.

Being The New Kid On The Block

Like any business, breaking into the blogging world was very intimidating. Coming from a background in organic skincare, I had some idea of how to run a business but I had never created one without a physical product. I instantly reached out to a few friends who I knew were successful in the blogging world and immediately made friends with their friends. I joined the most popular blogging groups and began to actively engage with the women there. I was in groups with editors for Huffington Post and moms who were making 6 figures selling e-books and webinars…my head was spinning. So I sat back, I watched, I paid my dues, and took as much helpful advice that I could. Being the new kid on the block also let me learn from the mistakes others made. I was checked a few times and their advice helped my business to flourish.

Lesson: Don’t be afraid to listen and learn from those who have done it before you

Putting My Best Foot Forward

When I have an idea, I run with it. I want to immediately present it to the world, no matter what shape it is in. With Black Moms Blog, I learned the benefit of having a strategy. Before launching last year, I sat down to write out a business plan to sort my ideas on what kind of blog I wanted to be, how I would promote my business, and most importantly how and when I would begin to monetize my brand. I also knew it was important to outsource certain duties that may become overwhelming to complete on my own.

Referencing my first lesson, I wanted to ensure that the larger brands I introduced myself to would see me as a viable partner. So before I would even suggest being connected with certain companies, it was important that I gave them a product that they would even want to be a part of.

Lesson: Slow down and consider each and every move

It’s OK To Say No

Starting any new business, you may want to accept every offer that comes your way. And in the beginning it may seem like the right thing to do. Always remember though, that every offer you take will reflect your business. Before I developed a voice for Black Moms Blog, I considered articles on topics that were salacious and controversial. While the blog is open to a certain level of controversy, in developing the voice for the brand, I wanted Black Moms Blog to be an uplifting and positive space- there were enough people breaking bad news.

 In June, I began to officially monetize Black Moms Blog and within six months, we became a five figure business. This did not happen by accepting every low ball offer because I was new. I developed a fair rate card, a phenomenal Media Kit, and curved it with great professionalism and stuck by my prices. I set my standard and never looked back. 

Lesson: Know Your Worth

Consistency Is Key

In the blogging world, numbers matter but quality matters even more. Black Moms Blog has accumulated over 205k organic followers on all of our social media accounts combined, with Instagram being our most popular platform. While I am proud of that number, I am even more proud of the fact that our community actually engages with us. When we post questions or redirect our readers to our actual website to read a new blog post, they are actually clicking our links, reading, and giving feedback. This is not by luck or chance, it is because of consistency. Each reader who engages with Black Moms Blog can expect a new, quality, and informative blog post ever 2-3 days and can rely on our social media postings to be clear and beautiful images. While it may not be easy to update your social media pages or blog websites, it works to use certain post scheduling apps that can relieve some of the pressure. 

Lesson: Give your audience a brand they can rely on

Continue To Evolve

Rounding out our first year has not be anything short of extraordinary but I am already looking forward on what new aspect of design we can bring to the blog for 2017. No matter what your business, someone else has already done it so what makes you different? Relying on the same method of productivity that has been used for years will not keep your business at the top. It involves ingenuity and creativity. How will your business grow next year?

Lesson: ABC- Always. Be. Changing

Thank you to everyone who has joined our Black Moms Blog family. Your continued love and supports helps this blog flourish. Let us know below some new things you would love to see on our blog or share what being a part of our community has meant for you! 

With love,