If She Was Going To Lose Her Hair, I Didn’t Want Her To Be The Only One

From birth Breslyn was this beautiful bald baby. She had the perfect head. She was the most adorable thing.

At four or five months old she started getting whispy hairs that started right at the top. It looked like steam was coming out of her head. It was amazing!

Breslyn is now six. 

She was recently hospitalized and they had to shave the front of her head.

She started chemotherapy and they told me she was probably going to lose the rest of her hair. 

She told me she didn’t want to. And she was kind of scared about it.  So I decided, if she is going to lose her hair – I didn’t want her to be the only one.

The weekend before her chemo, we went to a friend’s house. Everyone got a pair of scissors and I let the kids cut off all of my hair. 

I wasn’t nervous about it. 

It was actually kind of liberating.

I have this mantra in the house. It’s just hair. Hair grows back. Some people have it. Some people don’t. Look at Mommy — mommy has no hair.

Breslyn’s hair has now grown back over her incision. She hasn’t lost any hair yet. But I’m hyper focused on it.  The doctors told me if she could get through the first 12 weeks of chemotherapy without losing hair, chances are she would never lose it. However, everybody is different. 

Parents going through the same thing with their kids have told me —  

“some kids lose their hair months in”, 

“some kids never do”, and …

“some kids’ hair grows longer”. 

It’s totally random.

One mom said her son lost all his hair immediately. On week 2, he was completely bald and on week 3, it started growing back. And now it’s thick and curly – which it wasn’t before.  That’s why I have short hair.  And I’m keeping it short.

Now Breslyn is 18/19 weeks into chemotherapy and I kind of like it. I like breaking stereotypes with my kids. I like that it’s a conversation starter. 

People say, “Oh wow! Your hair.” And then, I get the chance to tell them why it’s short.

I really like having conversations with the kids at the Jimmy Fund clinic. I have something in common with these kids.  I complimented this one girl on her hat. She said, “My head is cold.” She pulls off her hat and she is bald.  I told her, “My head gets really cold too.”

I have nothing in common with them but that. I can’t feel what they are going through. But I can feel that.  It’s little … but it’s something. 

Kendra and I met through a mom’s group. Her six year old was recently diagnosed with a brain tumor and is receiving chemotherapy. I’m so grateful Kendra decided to share her and her daughter’s hair story. 


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This post was told by Kendra Clinton and written by Dominique Graham, a hair enthusiast, breastfeeding advocate, homeschooling mom and blogger behind DommiesBlessed.

Photos courtesy of Kendra Clinton.