rising cost of college

Here’s the thing. The cost of higher education is only going to continue to go up. By the time my toddlers get 16 there’s no telling how much the cost of a college degree will be. I can’t even imagine. But the good thing is COUNTRY Financial has amazing resources to help with planning out these large future expenses.

As I began saving for my teenager’s expenses I got to thinking about my little ones. I wondered what I could do differently to make preparing for their future easier, because let’s be honest, I can do better. Especially since I will have 3 entering at the same time…send millions please. I needed to get back to the basics and rethink it.

Here’s How I Am Preparing For The Increasing Cost Of College.

Get Educated
One of the main reasons I didn’t start to save sooner is because I didn’t know what the options were. Financial planning can be very intimidating especially when you were not raised aware and you are learning all of this on your own. Bottom line, ask for help. It is important that we admit where we need help and ask for it.

rising cost of college

Sit down with a financial professional that can educate you on all your options and come up with a strategy that will work with your finances and meet your families financial goals. COUNTRY Financial has an array of online options that can help you get started. The college savings calculator is so helpful when trying to figure out your long term goals. Additionally you can start the process of speaking with a financial adviser to give you personalized and tailored advice.

Start somewhere
Listen, we all have different situations. No matter what yours is, you can still save for your child’s future. The goal is to start somewhere. You can start saving a small amount and then increase it as your circumstances change. The more attention you give to your finances, the better results you’ll get. It’s when there’s no plan in place that things seem to go awry.

Be flexible
Understanding that the plan is set in concrete is important as well. Know that things can be changed along the way. You can save more or you can save less less. There are even options when your circumstances change all together. Say for instance you child decides college is not for them and want to take another route. They have options for that. Contact a financial professional and discuss it.

rising cost of college

All in all its about being proactive in your college savings strategies and your pursuit to financial success.



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