I had so much fun reading Thamar’s experience with her gender reveal, I took to social media to find more mamas who had fun and quirky ways to reveal the sex of their baby to their family and friends. For us, we found out and sent pink newborn onesies in the mail. It was so much fun and a cute keepsake for grandparents. Check out these fun stories of how each parent chose a different way to do a Gender Reveal.

@JBrick1020:  “I came in from work and sat in my rocking chair and Amelia told me to scroll the pictures on her phone. I was hoping for a boy but once I saw pink, my heart skipped a beat. My initial thought was “I am done for”. My oldest girl has already proven to be a handful so I was eager for a change. Even though I wanted a boy, it may be more economical for us to have a girl because we have a TON of hand me downs for baby Norah. As long as she’s healthy, I am happy. My wife Amelia is excited to have another girl on her team. She wants all girls and I wanted all boys so she is winning for now so we will have to keep trying until junior makes his way on the scene.”

 @Ry_Ry_DaBoss: We had everyone come in pink or blue. We played a few games, handed out candy to the winners and cut our cake to see if the inside was pink or blue.

@Mommy_Ware: We did a gender reveal using fabric paint. This is an awesome idea for revealing the sex of the baby and a nice way to get the siblings involved. It makes for a nice keepsake!

 @Youlovealisha: We are expecting baby #2 and were trying to find exciting and creative ways to include our three year old in our gender reveal. So with the help of a friend, we decided to let our son be the first one to see the piece of paper that told the gender and for him to match the word he saw with the cut out words we placed on the table. We recorded the entire thing!

 @LatriceJackson_: For about three weeks my two best friends were the only people (besides my sonnogram tech and doctor) who knew the sex of our baby. This is baby #3 for us so we decided to have some fun with finding out this time around. Of course I compared the way I am carrying to my pregnancies with my son and daughter in the past. I knew for sure it was a boy. In moments that my family began the countdown to reveal what we were having, we were still confident that we were right about expecting a boy. As they began to spray the pink silly string, we were in shock. Hence, the surprised looks on our faces. Nonetheless, we had an amazing time sharing this experience with family and friends and we are excited to welcome baby girl #2 in just a few months.

 @00Hnana: Basically I told my doctor that I did not want to know the gender of the baby until my party. When the test results came back, I had her seal an envelope with the gender inside and gave it to my boyfriend. By that time, my box was already decorated so we only had to drop it off at Party City so they could put the balloons inside. Maybe an hour before my reveal the wind knocked down my box and balloons flew out! Lucky for me, my guests and I were inside and my parents were outside to catch them. When it was time to open the box, the balloons did not fly out how they were supposed to because my parents had to stuff the ones that did not fly away back in! The moment I saw the pink balloon, it made me go crazy inside because I wanted a girl for my first. That was the happiest day of my life.


Have you ever done a quirky gender reveal? Share with us below!

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