How to Create a Workout Schedule You Can Easily Commit To

If you’re like me or any of the millions of women that begin a weight-loss journey/healthy life journey with full intentions to become a superhero during the process, then what I’m about to talk about, will definitely apply to you! 

All too often when making a shift in our lives we’ll build these very intense, no room for air plans.

And while these plans are built from a very solid mindset of committing to making a change, we forget the most important factor;our lives.

So today, I’m going to share how I create a fail-proof workout schedule for myself and my clients.

Step 1: The first thing we must focus on is your current schedule.

Looking at your schedule for the week, what are your 2-3 busiest days of the week?

Those days are not workout days!

Listen,you’re a mommy.You have a family and it’s important that you give your self that space to focus on the things that matter most to you; your top priorities.

4-5 workout days is optimal in getting amazing results. By not scheduling workouts on your busy days, you’ll have more consistency in actually getting your workouts done and therefore, you’ll see even better results!

You’ll also notice,you’re workouts will feel less of a burden or challenge because you’re not trying to fit everything in, on an already hectic day.

 Step 2: Decide which days will be home workouts or gym workouts

It’s important to understand when working out at home, you will have to opt for high intensity to get full body changing effects.

The gym is best for hitting the weights and building muscle and curves. If you’re lower body focused then the gym will be your best friend!

You can also consider if you have a class you’d like to take as well.

Giving yourself 1-2 gym days for lifting weights will have a dramatic effect on your body’s shape and composition.

You’ll also notice your body utilizes carbohydrates a lot better when you are lifting weights.So if you’re able to lift more than 2 days than please do. But if your schedule doesn’t permit then the other 2-3 days can be used for high-intensity home workouts,which can have an amazing fat burning effect for up to 48 hours!

Step 3: Understanding your time requirements

Now that you’ve picked your off/rest days, and have determined which days will be home or gym workouts,we are going to figure out which days to do what.

An optimal HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workout can give you body changing results with just 20-30 mins top.

A weight-lifting session will be anywhere from 40-mins to 1 hour and 30 mins,depending upon your intensity and which body part you’d like to work out.

So to get a well rounded program, start with picking 2 HIIT days and 2 weight-lifting days (one upper body day & one lower body,or 2 full body workouts).This will be a great start in building lean muscle and toning the body. From there add in an extra day based on what you have time for, either a HIIT session or weights.

But remember let your workouts and weight-loss/healthy living journey flow with your life. It’s the only way to stick with it!

This is my exact method in creating sustainable workouts schedules for my clients and myself. 

I don’t believe in creating a program and forcing someone to change their lives to commit to it.

Create the program to fit your life and you will commit!

You can do this!


Brit Tafoya