Here’s To Healthy – How To Maintain Your Health As A Busy Mom

Let’s face it mamas, we are getting old. Now, I say that with grace. Aging shouldn’t be taken as a bad thing but it should be followed with precaution. In my college days, I used to be able to eat whatever I wanted and my metabolism would burn it right off. I could pull all nighters for days at a time. Now with a busy four year old, my energy level isn’t as high and maintaining my weight requires a little more than binge eating watermelon for a week straight – don’t judge me

Recently on our Instagram platform I discussed using vitamins to sustain your best health. We talked about how probiotics help balance your feminine ph, biotin assists in clearing your skin, growing your hair and nails, and how B-12 + iron pills give you energy. I even showed my old lady pill capsule container. Yes, it’s that serious. 

While vitamins are great to take, for many people, the concept of swallowing pills is a no go. Plus, your body only absorbs 10-20% of the nutrients in most pills anyway –talk about a waste! So what if you could get your vitamins not only in a liquid form, but also actually absorb the vitamin you’re taking? You know where this is going right? Right. Check this out mamas, I want to introduce you to VitaBetter, your liquid vitamin go-to for maintaining your best health. Go ahead and do your happy dance…no old lady pill capsule container included and no more wasting your money on vitamins that barely work anyway!

Here’s what I love about VitaBetter:

  • It’s up to 10x more effective than traditional pills and powders
  • It has maximum absorption + bio availability so you get the maximum results
  • Super easy on your digestive system to prevent getting an upset tummy
  • Better C is clinically proven to reduce oxidative stress

What is oxidative stress? It’s when you get too much oxygen molecules in your cells and it causes them to become impaired. You may not fully understand what that means but you have enough things to worry about being a parent and all, why add this to your list? 

Anyhow, I added Better C Liposomal Vitamin C to my daily vitamin intake and I am in love. The taste is great and with the upcoming Winter months, it’s perfect for fighting the cold bug- especially with my little one bringing all her germs from school home. The best part? It is safe for her to use as well. I just add the recommended amount of drops to a glass of her water every morning and send her on her way. If you didn’t know why you should be taking Vitamin C daily, here are 8:

  • It supports a healthy immune system
  • Promotes muscle repair
  • Protects cells from free radicals 
  • Support collagen production
  • Supports healthy gums
  • Supports overall health
  • Supports Vegan, Paleo, & Zone diets
  • Supports natural energy

As a mom, my number one reason for using it is to not get sick. You know how it goes – your kid gets sick for three days and you are sick for two weeks. No good. 

So mamas, I want you to head on over to VitaBetter and check out their Better C liquid vitamin. Tell them I sent you! 

With love,


This post is sponsored by VitaBetter. All opinions expressed are my own.