Four Very Real Things That Happen AFTER You Give Birth + Give Away!


I am sure like most newly pregnant women, you have read every article and subscribed to ALL the mama blogs that tell you what you should be expecting for your pregnancy and birth experience, right? What most of us don’t think to look up is what happens AFTER baby arrives. 

What changes will my body go through?

-How long does that supposed “snapback” take to actually snap….back?


We are sharing Four Very Real Things That Happen After You Give Birth + an awesome giveaway from Sacred Birth Doula!

Is That A Period Or???

What’s the best part of being pregnant? Saying goodbye to Aunt Flo! Yes, nine blissful months of not having a period. In fact, you almost forget about the pesky little thing in general until after baby is born. That’s right. Once you give birth, you go right back to bleeding again. Only, it is not your period. It is your uterus expelling blood from carrying that tiny life inside of you. The hospital will give you the most ginormous period panties, a few heavy heavy flow pads and send you on your way. Most women bleed between 3-6 weeks and as long as you’re breastfeeding, you will most likely go back to not having a period…unless you jump right back on birth control which can jump start your cycle all over again. The life of women…oye.

Speaking Of Periods, Is Sex Still On The Table?

For some women, sex is the furthest thought from your mind after birth and for others, you want it right away. The recommended time to wait is 4 weeks! Not to mention, you’re bleeding like a wounded whale. Let things heal up a bit first. If you had an epistiotomy, your wait time may be a bit more prolonged depending on you healing. 

What’s an epistiotomy?

  • An episiotomy is an incision performed between the vagina and the rectum that is used to increase the size of the opening of the vagina to assist in delivery of a baby. (Thanks WebMD)

Okay, let’s take two seconds and talk about this. Not everyone has to get an episiotomy and even if you do, with everything else that will be going on down there in your Nether Regions, you won’t feel a thing. There is some discomfort after birth but it passes fairly quickly. 

Now back to our sex talk. You ready?

I’m sure you’re wondering if it will hurt, right? NAH. Well, it shouldn’t. Sex after baby feels so good you may actually shed a tear. A legit tear may stream down your face. So, brace yourself for fun pleasure. Just be careful because you are more likely to get pregnant after birth due to high pregnancy hormones. Irish twins are a real thing.

Where’s My SnapBack?

Listen, the internet will have you thinking your birth a baby and POOF! your belly is gone. Sorry to break it to you but this isn’t the truth for the average woman. I mean, look at your stomach. You probably look like you swallowed a basketball. It’s going to take a moment for things to go back to normal. And don’t feel bad about that. You just birthed an entire human life. Go you. 

Check with your doctor before beginning a workout regimen. Remember this, giving birth is like an Olympic sport. The more you prepare for it, the easier it will be to get through it and to get back to your regular size afterwards. BUT if working out was not heavy on your agenda before getting pregnant, don’t turn into Serena Williams three months into your pregnancy. Take it slow and ALWAYS talk to your doc first.

Who Wants Pamela Anderson Tittays?

I can honestly admit this because I am on a mama blog…the best part about giving birth are the boobs! The baby is cute too but the breast turn out beautiful. Most women go up about two cup sizes when pregnant. The downer part is, breastfeeding is painful at first, especially if your breasts become engorged with milk. Give yourself (or have your partner) give you breast massages and use a soft toothbrush during pregnancy to rub your nipples. This will prepare them for breastfeeding when the time comes. And don’t think you are Superwoman, mama. It’s okay if it hurts a bit. Push past it because breastfeeding is totally worth it.

Am I Supposed To Love My Baby Right Away?

Here’s an uncomfortable topic that no one likes to talk about after giving birth – delayed emotional attachment. So yes, of course you will love your baby right away but birth can also feel like an out of body experience. While some moms go through the whole emotional breakdown after seeing their child for the first time, other moms are just like, “whoa…that came out of me?”.

If you don’t have your “I just had a baby” movie cry after giving birth, don’t feel bad. Attachment hits every mom at a different time.

What also can come shortly after birth is postpartum depression. Postpartum depression is “a severe form of clinical depression related to pregnancy and childbirth” (WebMD for the win). Think about it. You have went under a major transition in your life. Even if it is your second or third kid, postpartum can still affect you. It’s the feeling of baby blues, the feeling that your friends no longer understand you because of your mom (check out this article when you have the chance), and Dad Envy – that slight tinge that dad’s life went back to normal and you were left to suffer the consequences of giving birth. Listen – DO NOT TRY TO FIGHT POSTPARTUM ON YOUR OWN. If you feel like you may be suffering from Postpartum, contact your doctor ASAP.

Here’s To Lightening The Mood – A Giveaway From Sacred Birth Doula!

I know this was a lot to take in. It was funny, heavy, and made you a bit more aware of what is ahead of you. That’s parenthood. It was time for some straight shooting on what to expect when you’re expecting. Here’s the great thing about it…all moms get through it! It is hard at first but we all overcome and go on to be amazing parents. 

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