Hello Hello? A Conversation With Erykah Badu on Parenting, Balance, And Being A Doula For Her Ex-Partner

Image Credit: Yeyo Photography

Most people know Grammy award winning songstress Erykah Badu for her tantalizing song lyrics, futuristic fashion sense, and her mysteriously forward demeanor. Ms. Badu came on the scene and blessed us with her upfull vibes in the early 1990’s and for more than 20 years she has continued to impress us with her evolution as a revolutionary woman.

Last week, Erykah Badu was the special guest at the Afrochic Cultural Arts Festival in Toronto, Ontario. Afrochic is the annual community celebration of Afro-Caribbean music, visual art, fashion and culture. The two day event not only focused on music and the arts but also curated a panel discussion on financial literacy, generational wealth, and stock market investments. 

On day one, Badu treated the crowd to her alter ego, DJ Loretta Brown, where she spun her rendition of American hip hop and Caribbean sounds.


Day two consisted of an intimate conversation with Badu on her role as a mother, doula, and how she managed to serve as a doula to her ex-partner’s two children.

Moderated by Kim Katrin Milan:

Image Credit: Yeyo Photography

KKM: How do you find balance between motherhood and being on tour?

Erykah Badu: “My first single came out February 7, 1997. My album came out February 11, 1997. I got pregnant March 1997. I never went to the doctor at all – just kind of followed a very healthy regimen and November 18, 1997 my baby was born. And my second album came out the same day. It was quick, fast, everything was happening.”

On finding stillness:

“I find balance by always listening to the stillness up under everything. When I feel chaotic or I can’t really focus, I listen for the stillness and it’s there because the little hums and vibrations that are underneath everything. It is the closest thing that mimics love. When I connect with it…no matter what is going on in the room I begin to breathe easier and I remember to get out of my mind.”

It is the closest thing that mimics love

“What really keeps me in a good place of balance whenever I feel out of pocket is my new lover. My new lover. My new lover girl.”

“I am in the best relationship. I am in love with today. So tomorrow and yesterday are so jealous. I ain’t shit because I’m cheating with right now! So that’s how I figure out how to keep balance. There’s no stress and pain in that right now. All the stress and pain are in what I should have done and what I need to do but if you are right here focused on now…”

Badu expresses how hard it is to focus:

“It’s not easy to do because our minds are not trained to just be still. It’s a training we have to exercise the way we exercise our muscles and hopefully it comes second nature to me at some point. But until then I learn to keep exercising.”

Image Credit: Yeyo Photography

KKM: I feel like you’ve had a lifetime of loves and such a big beautiful extended family. What do you feel about family and love?

Badu: “Family and love? It’s maybe the most important thing we can connect to. It’s not perfect. We are all trying to figure it out and find our place.”

KKM: Was it hard to be the doula to your ex- partner?

Badu: “DOC is my second daughter’s father. I was the doula to his two sons. Hard? Not at all. We’ve always been very good friends, best friends, and I’ve always maintained that, you know…commitment to being there for him in anyway I could. His wife is a very beautiful person and she trusted me to be there.

KKM: Do you feel like there is a connection between your birthing and the creative process of your birthing?

Badu: “Yea, there’s definitely a connection.”

When it comes to servicing herself, Badu says she subscribes to five doctors:

  1. Doctor Sun
  2. Doctor Nutrition
  3. Doctor Sleep
  4. Doctor Spirit
  5. Doctor Creativity 

Image Credit: Yeyo Photography

And in true Mama Badu vibes, she ended the conversation with light reiki. Until next time…