Self-love has become a trendy topic that can make moms feel inspired and selfish at the same time.

As a mom of 3, I understand how these two very real and important feelings can create conflict in our mindsets and get in the way of simple things like taking care of ourselves and nourishing our bodies.

After having my twins I realized how time was so precious and the simple things  like taking a shower became something I had to plan just to get done.

It was also a time in my life where I was adjusting from being a mom of one little girl for 7 years to becoming a mom to 3 overnight.

 I still had goals I wanted to accomplish, and I also had about 80 lbs I needed to get rid of from my twin pregnancy.

It never occurred to me once, to choose losing weight and to pursue my goals over my children.

But something did occur to me…

and it’s something  I share with every single woman I come in contact with, and that’s that your needs help with making it all work.


I realized when I felt good and I was nourished and taken care of, I mothered way better!

The better you are, the better they will be.

Our children are direct reflections of ourselves.


When we start making health and wellness flow with our everyday lives, our children pick up on our habits and it becomes natural to them as well.

I know it may sound easier said than done.

But I have 3 tips that are going to make getting healthy and taking care of yourself flow with your life and make it a stress-free process.

You won’t have to choose SELF over the kids after implementing these strategies.

Instead you’ll be able to choose your SELF for your kids, without any guilt or any hiccups within your busy schedule. 


1.Start your day with a green smoothie.

Starting your day with a green smoothie is easy as 123.

Place 3-4 handfuls of spinach in the blender, add some frozen berries, one scoop of protein powder, some water or almond milk and blend!!

Want to take it up a notch?

You can prepare your smoothie ingredients minus the liquid the night before.  Place the ingredients in a Ziplock bag in the freezer and you’re ready!

Drink your green smoothie in the car as you drop your babies off to school in the morning

My energy improved tremendously after getting in the habit of drinking a green smoothie in the morning!

Adding in this new habit to your daily life will not only stop hunger cravings, make your skin glow, rejuvenate your body, aid in detoxing your body, but it will also relieve you from having to cook breakfast!

Make one for your babies too! I usually add in a bit more fruit for them, and they love it!


2.Start using a slow-cooker

Crock-pots are the easiest way to get a balanced meal cooked, while you’re busy with your day.

You can add lean protein, vegetables galore and let it cook for 4 hours as you run errands or while you’re at work!

I’m always skimming Instagram and Pinterest for healthy slow cooker recipes!

3.Do 20 Minute Intense workouts

Did you know there are studies that support 4-minute workout sessions? It’s called TABATA and it is what all the top athletes are using to utilize fat burn and conditioning!

I’ve utilized Tabata as my main form of fat-burn for over 6 years. The cool thing about it is that you can vary your movements and just focus on going hard.

From jump rope, lifting weights, running stairs, kettle-bell or dumbbell swings, the variations are all about preference. You measure your intensity based on your “personal fitness” starting place.

I usually do about 4-5 Tabata workout circuits to get in a full 20-minute high-intensity workout.

I notice when I focus on just getting my 20 mins in, the stress of fitting in a workout is alleviated and I just hurry up and get it done!

I prefer morning workouts before the house is awake, and since I mainly focus on intensity, I’m able to get a great workout in at home; sometimes even in my PJs!

Here’s an example of a Tabata circuit:

20 seconds all out effort

10 seconds rest

Repeat for 8 rounds = 4 minutes

Rest 1-2 minutes after completing 8 rounds and then begin another circuit, continue until you reach 20 minutes.

Use these 3 tips as a foundation for your health journey. Once you get these down, you can add in more strategies.

Remember it’s not about us choosing our health over our kids, it’s about us choosing our health FOR our kids!

Our babies are our world, and even if it doesn’t feel like it sometimes, we are theirs too!

Start embracing, loving, and nurturing your body so you can be your best self; for them and for you!!

You can do this!


Brit Tafoya