Ever notice how beautiful and glowy your skin looks in the summer or after a nice tropical vacation? You never need to wear makeup, and you barely need to put on any heavy creams. We can all attribute that to our glorious melanin genetics, and the extra Vitamin D (mind out the gutters Ladies!). On the flip side, have you noticed what happens to your skin after all of the constant shaving or hair removal? It begins to form dark circles surrounding the hair follicles. Over time, these marks become visibly darker and slightly bumpy. This is known as “Strawberry skin.” The causes of Strawberry skin are quite general in consensus: Clogged pores and coarse hair growing through those pores.

After giving birth, it was a long while before I shaved, and when I finally started shaving again, it was sporadic, and then I started to notice Strawberry skin appearing. I realized that I needed to exfoliate and treat my skin in order for my shaving experience to be more appealing. After conducting my research, and reading ingredients that are in most high-end products, I realized I could make these products at home. So I literally went to the Farmer’s market, and purchased organic ingredients to make a few scrubs and treatments. My goal was to make treatments at home that would be just as effective. I made two scrubs and followed up with two treatments every day for one month, and let’s just say… Melanin was POPPIN’! The amount of compliments and comments under my IG posts I received regarding my skin, made me eager to share some of my secrets. Okay Ladies…. Are you ready to bring your sexy back?…

GLOW Scrub

2 cups coarse brown sugar

½ cup blended raw oats

1 cup sweet almond oil or olive oil

4 ml salicylic acid

Mix all ingredients in a plastic container (one with a lid to be reused). Once mixed, use one tablespoon per leg or arm. Use the mixture on wet skin away from water. Exfoliate for approximately one to two minutes per leg/arm.

Detox and GLOW

2cups coarse sea salt

½ cup kaolin clay

1/3 cup apple cider vinegar

3 drops of citrus essential oil

Mix all ingredients in a plastic container (one with a lid to be reused). Once mixed, use one tablespoon per leg or arm. Use the mixture on wet skin away from water. Exfoliate for approximately one minute then let the mixture sit for 5 minutes and rinse. After exfoliating your legs, moisten a cotton ball with pure Witch Hazel. Use the Witch Hazel every day to ensure pores are being cleaned and ingrown hairs are reduced. You can also use your favorite salicylic acid or willow bark toners as well. Once the toner has dried, apply a heavy cream that is specifically designed for extra dry skin. Dry skin creams act as emollients and will coat the skin, and your freshly exfoliated skin will absorb the cream.

I implore you ladies to give these scrubs a try and use them at least three times a week. I promise you will see results. It’s difficult enough juggling motherhood and still trying to get the groove back (AND maintain a beauty regimen), but I have noticed that it is much easier to have homemade products stored and ready for use. Since summer is here and the temperature is rising, give your skin some much needed exfoliation and detox! Exfoliate, detox, and MOISTURIZE ladies! These are the keys to banishing (or reducing) Strawberry skin.

Let’s make a 30-day “Goddess Glow” challenge! I would love to see your results! Send all pictures to: beauty@blackmomsblog.com. Start with a “Before” picture, and every week capture your progress. I’m looking forward to seeing all my Glowed Up mommas with their Bruce Leroy glow!

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