Four Ways To Support Your Friend’s Blog (Without Spending A Dime)

Blogging is one of those fun endeavors that will constantly warrant the question from family, friends, and strangers alike, “So…how do you make money?”. It is one of those paths that some people do as a hobby but few rarely understand that others do it as a career. 

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It may seem easy to rant, rave, and review your favorite products or services but it actually takes a lot of blood, sweat, and tears. To my blogger fam, can I get an amen?


The truth is though, we make our coins by your support. Yes, people pay us to inform you about what is currently trending but bigger than that, companies are only paying bloggers because people are actually listening to them. Yes, the blogger with one million followers and two percent engagement is less influential than the blogger with 5k followers and 10% engagement. How do you monetize off of influencing? Don’t worry, Kanye. I actually do have the answers.

Reshare, Retweet, Repost

This is a slightly embarrassing statistic but 63% of Twitter and Facebook users admit to using social media platforms as their main news source.

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While this is not always effective in gaining correct information on historical facts and current events, it is an amazing way of spreading the word about your friend’s blog. Instead of getting annoyed that they are posting yet again a new blog article they have written, take two seconds and hit the share button. 

Comments Are Like Dollar Bills

Believe it or not, there is a time and place where those likes and comments do matter: On a blog post. What happens when you read an amazingly great article, scroll down to the bottom and see there is no response? You start to wonder if you were the only one who felt that way. In order not to be ostracized, you decide not to post the only lone comment so you leave the blog all together. Don’t do that. That will be my only direct command during this entire article. Leave a comment. Leave a smiley. Say you love it. SAY SOMETHING. Yes, we see that you have seen the blog, but we as bloggers want other people to see that you like the blog. Most bloggers have gotten pretty 21st century on us so commenting is super easy because of plug ins like Facebook. You no longer have to sign your soul away to leave a comment, you can simply do it straight from your Facebook account at the bottom of the blog post. Easy peasy. right?

Subscribe To The Mailing List

Ask yourself this: How many emails do you get from companies you signed up for years ago that you never read? If you are like me, I am sure you are still trying to total up the number. Recently, I took this bit of advice and did it myself. I went through and unsubscribed from email lists I no longer use and replaced them with email subscribe lists from companies (and blogs) that my friends currently own. It is a simple action on my part that brings forth real appreciation on theirs. Not to mention, most bloggers are not just emailing you pointless articles but are sending you very useful information that will probably only take you a second to read and comment. 

Check Out The Companies They Promote (This may cost you a few dimes)

 What makes a blogger influential? A blogger becomes influential when their posts, videos, or tweets convert to actual dollars (or followers) to whatever company they are promoting. If your friend is the blogger and they are promoting a brand or company you like, head on over to that page, follow them, leave a comment saying you found out about them via (insert friend’s blog name here) and if you really want to support, purchase a product from the company.

So friends, remember this article the next time you see your blogger friend release a new post. And in the mean time, follow some of my wise advice and go ahead, leave a comment, share, and subscribe to my mailing list below!

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 With love,