Now that Kamryn has gotten a little older, I have started to treat her to dates. As a single woman with a daughter, it is important to me that I start showing her now not only how to take care of herself but also how she should expect to be treated by others. We do things like dinner dates, we go see movies, and most importantly, spa dates. Yes, I’m that mom that takes her four year old to get manis and pedis. It’s a fun bonding time for us and I love to watch her put on her mature four year old face when she realizes how special all of this really is. It is just as much a treat for me as it is for her. 

Living in Atlanta, we have many options for spa locations but one of my absolute favorites is Iwi Fresh in Castleberry Hills. I am giving you Five Reasons We Go To Iwi Fresh For Mommy/Daughter Dates.

We Love Supporting Black Owned Businesses

I have been a consistent customer to the nail salon since I was fifteen years old and Iwi Fresh is the first Black owned spa I have been to. For that reason alone, I knew it was a place that I had to visit and support. Not only is it a Black owned business, it is a Black owned business done right. Clean, professional, and well put together, I feel like I am hanging with my sisters when I go in there. It also feels good to cheer on another successful Black female entrepreneur. 

Yolanda Owens Is My Best Friend In My Head

I have so many things I could say about Iwi Fresh Founder and Skin Care Chef, Yolanda Owens so I will try to keep this simple as possible:


I have been to many stuffy spas where the vibe is cold and unfriendly. You are greeted by an unsmiling receptionist who is there just to book your appointment and go back to whatever you may have interrupted them from. The staff at Iwi Fresh is a true reflection of their owner. At this point in the game, I have been going to Iwi Fresh for a few years. I take my mother, I have went with friends, and have attended events. When I first starting going though, I know Yolanda didn’t always remember me (yes, I am calling you out) but she never made it known. She always greeted me with a hug and made me feel like the only client she had that day. Her warmth alone is worth the visit. So yea girl, I love you. 

Iwi Fresh Caters To Children

Even though Iwi Fresh is an adult spa, they have many things in place for their younger customers. They offer Kid’s Veggie specials, facials, and even do Hershey’s chocolate kid’s manicures. This was probably Kamryn’s favorite part of her mani/pedi date. They also offer youth and kiddie spa parties where the kids get to make their own scrubs and facial masks.

A Great Option For The Health Conscious

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is not just about what you put in your body but also what you put on your skin. Inspired by her grandmother, Yolanda only wanted to create organic beauty products using fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, and essential oils. Instead of using chemically ridden callous removers and foot scrapers that can damage and cause the skin to grow back thicker and harder, she uses fresh ingredients like lemon and aloe to soften the skin and then lightly buffers with a brown sugar scrub. Cucumbers and spinach leaves are used to exfoliate and cleanse the skin instead of chemical peels. With a busy four year who still tends to put her fingers in her mouth, it brings me comfort to know that the nail polish used at Iwi Fresh is veggie based.

Their Customizable Options Make You The Boss

Taking my little one anywhere means that she has to feel that she gets to make some of the decision. What I love about Iwi Fresh is that not only does she get to choose her own nail polish, she also gets to choose her own sugar scrub. Iwi Fresh has about fourteen in house made brown sugar scrubs ranging from scents like Hot Butter Grits (speaking to my Southern soul) to Banana Split. Kamryn loves to smell each one before she chooses!

So mamas, if you are looking for a mommy/daughter date and you are in Atlanta, visit Iwi Fresh and check them out. 

With love,