Expectation Vs. Reality: Becoming A Second Time Mother Using Nuroo

Before becoming a mother, the big question is: When do you plan on starting a family? After having your first baby, everyone wants to know when you plan on having the second. The questions never stop nor does the new experiences of motherhood. Even still, the experiences between first and second baby are dramatically different. 

Today, I sat with my friend Tacardra as she talks to me about second time parenthood. I laughed a bit because as we sit here with both of her children- AJ, who is four and Nelson who is only 4 days old, another friend asks to hold the baby. Many first times moms would require full hands and arms washed, baby blanket on chest and so on. Tacardra simply says, “There’s some hand sanitizer behind you”. There are obvious differences in first and second time parenting like the expectation of the birthing process, the nervousness of bringing a new baby home, and the realities of breastfeeding. And of course, the OCD of handling a new baby!

Then there are the unexpected differences like having to tend to a newborn while also taking care of a rambunctious four year old. There is only so much that mom can do and even with family, friends, and a husband around to assist for the first few days, it can be an incredibly difficult process. That is why products like Nuroo are so amazing. Nuroo believes in the importance of the 4th trimester and the instinctual need you and baby have to be close to each other.

Tacardra is currently using Nuroo’s Nursing Scarf and the Nuroo Pocket carrier to assist in baby Nelson’s big arrival home from the hospital. Nelson’s older brother, AJ, is so curious about his new little brother, the Nuroo Pocket helps mom keep her newborn close and safe, while also providing skin to skin contact between her and baby. Some great benefits of skin to skin contact between mommy and newborn are that it increases milk production, speeds up postpartum recovery time, and reduces the risk of postpartum depression.  

While many moms are comfortable nursing sans covering up, sometimes it is beneficial to cover up when nursing around an older child. As Tacardra puts it- now that AJ knows where milk comes from, he likes to try and taste it from mommy like his baby brother. He also thinks it is funny to point out where mommy’s milk is to other people when they are out in public. Using the Nuroo Nursing Scarf helps Tacardra feed baby Nelson without completely distracting her other son. 

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