When I became a mom, I swore I would not do standard, traditional mom stuff life buy a minivan, or use the big child friendly car carts at grocery stores…or baby wear. While I have managed to only break two out of three of my rules (I refuse to ever buy a minivan), I now appreciate certain parts of mom life and have come to love a few products that make my life all that much easier. One of my favorite #momlife products would definitely be my Ergo Adapt baby carrier. I shared this photo below a few months ago and the internet went crazy about the fact that I still occasionally wear my three year old daughter. At the time, we were city living and walked all the time. Living in Midtown, it was easy to trek a good 6-8 miles a day by accident so when my kid would get exhausted after playing in the park all day, it would be much easier to put her in my Ergo carrier than it would be to carry her or be bothered with the hustle and bustle of a large stroller.


So yes, I’m that one mother that gets the side ways glances in public for baby wearing because my toddler is unusually tall and looks five years old instead three. But, she is just a lanky three year old and my Ergo Adapt carrier can hold her until she is 45 pounds, which is normally around four years old. Don’t let those straps fool you! While I will admit that I probably will not baby wear her after she turns four, I will say, baby wearing in everyday life has really made my life as a mom easier. 

So yes, I’m that one mother that gets the side ways glances in public for baby wearing because my toddler is unusually tall and looks five years old instead of three.

I knew I wasn’t the only one who must have felt this way so I reached out to some of my most fave Internet moms and asked what they loved about their Ergo baby carriers and why they chose to baby wear. You long term baby wearers can come out of hiding now! You are not alone…

Brandi Sellerz (@BStereo), Not So Private Parts:

“I LOVE Ergo!! I literally take my carrier on every adventure! Baby wearing is very special to me! There is something very ancestral that awakens when I wear my baby.  I imagine my foremothers walking through their village, with their babies on their back. Ergo, allows me to not only “get stuff done.”  But it allow me to connect with my baby on a tribal tip… comfortably. ”


Brandi Jackson, (@BrandiChantalle), Brandi Chantalle:

“I chose Ergo for the same reason I seek out any resource I want in my mommy toolkit: it made parenting easier. As a mother, we always need an extra set of hands, and Ergobaby gave me my hands back. Utilizing something that allowed Zora (my daughter) to feel not only secure, but comfortable, while allowing me to feel empowered and mobile was a no brainer. Not to mention – I love to travel, and this definitely makes the load lighter.”



Phnewfula Frederiksen (@ShopHappyMango), Happy Mango:

“Having natural hair means a lot of time spent in the bathroom trying to do my hair. Doing so with a toddler is almost impossible. I use my Ergo to contain the female child while I twist my hair at night which takes about 40 mins.  Any day I don’t have to wear a hat is a great day”


Any day I don’t have to wear a hat is a great day.

Addie Taylor (@AddieTayTay), Crafter: 

 “Having a carrier that was versatile was very important to me because I didn’t want to go through purchasing multiple [carriers] before finding the right one. After all, we never know which way our babies will prefer to be carried until they are here to tell us. Turns out my daughter loves facing out most of the time but facing in when she gets sleepy. Sometimes it’s the only way I can get her to fall asleep during the day, so having the Ergo 360 is such a lifesaver. I’m so happy with my choice and love that I will be able to continue to use it as she grows and we begin our back-carry adventures.”



Trina (@BabyShopa), The Baby Shopaholic:

“I love my Ergo because it not only looks chic but it helps me keep my baby close and secure.”


Alexis (@IGAlexis) and Jackie (@Jackieo_24) :

“I have been using my Ergo since 2014. I got my cousin and I one as soon as she told me about it. I used it for everything in the beginning. Cooking, cleaning, exercising, hiking, laundry, just to put my daughter to sleep, on field trips, shopping, zoo trips and even working once. I work for enterprise rent a car so if you can imagine me typing a ticket and walking the customer out with Mel in my Ergo on my back…you do what you gotta do as a mom. I ran with her in the carrier 3.5 miles a day for a month and lost most of my baby weight along with eating healthy and cutting back on junk. I LOVE MY ERGO! I saw a lady with an infant on the front and a sleeping 4yr old on the back. Her weight didn’t exceed the max so she was still using it. After that I decided to keep it even though my daughter was one and a half.”



Kristin (@_TheBeautiful1):

Kristin was our giveaway winner.

“I received the Ergo baby carrier a few weeks ago! I got the chance to really test it out during a trip to Chicago. Let me just say it was a lifesaver. I love how easy it is to put on and how comfortable it is for me and my baby girl. It made our trip more efficient with all the walking we did throughout the city with a 4 month old and soon to be 2 year old. Thank you again for selecting me to receive this carrier!”


So mamas, if you are a long time baby wearer or just starting out on this journey, rest assured that there are mothers who look like you taking this journey as well. Baby wearing is something that we as Black women do and LOVE to do too! I would love to hear below some ways you baby wear to get things done. Comment below! And to find out more information about Ergobaby carriers, check out their website.  

With love,


*This is a sponsored blog post. All thoughts expressed are my own.