End The Back To School Blues With A Fun Filled Family Staycation

I will admit, I am new to this whole going back to school thing. My daughter is only four years old so her “back to school” really only translated to her going across the hall, leaving Pre-J and heading over to Pre-K. Even still, I took first day of school photos and treated it like a really big event. I mean, there were some real changes taking place – new teacher, new classmates, and a more focused environment. I even got her a math tutor to keep her ahead of the numbers game.

We have been two weeks in and to celebrate her transition, I teamed up with the DoubleTree by Hilton in Atlanta to plan a fun staycation. If you have never heard of a staycation before, it’s when you find a place in or very near your location and plan a vacay. With children, it is not always easy to get out of town so it can be a real treat to find gems in your local backyard.

To sweeten the deal, I took along two of her sister friends and we drove to Dunwoody to begin our own little Girls Trip (the mini version of course). First, let me just say this, I am a mom to one. I have this crazy idea that when Kamryn is ten years old, I”ll pop out two more babies back to back. I’ve always wanted a big family but since I didn’t have another after Kamryn right away, I figured I would wait a bit before doing it again. So in my fun times, I like to borrow my friend’s kids and play pretend like they are all mine. So yea, if you’re trying to get rid of your kids, I”m the perfect friend to have. Send them my way!

Anyhow, here we are, driving to Dunwoody for our staycation. This is just the beginning of my weekend and I am already exhausted. The kids in the back are hyped up on energy and my eyes want to pop out of my head. We haven’t even reached the hotel yet. When we finally arrive, the receptionist seemed to connect with my pain and she offered me cookies. Yes, she offered me cookies, not the kids. She knew what it was. The first thing I noticed that perked me up a bit was the beautiful artwork through the hotel – check out our video below to see the art. I felt a little spoiled like I was being allowed on a museum tour with children. Fist pump.

We finally made it upstairs and my eyes watered as I saw the double beds sitting there like clouds of heaven. I wanted to climb all the way under the covers and pass out. Of course, my team of minions weren’t letting that happen so we unloaded our belongings, got dressed in princess gear and went downstairs to have dinner at the hotel restaurant, Southern Grove.

Being the complete foodie that I am, this was the highlight of my entire trip. Being as Southern as I am, I ordered fried green tomatoes for my appetizer and shrimp and grits for my entree. I have had a many shrimp and grit plates, have made a few my own, and hands down this meal entered into the Top 5 category. The shrimp were so big I wondered if they were little baby chickens and they loaded all my favorite cheeses in the grits. Nah, this isn’t a post about eating healthy but it is recognition for some good ole Southern deliciousness.

By this time, it is 10 PM and I just know the girls are ready to wind down, go upstairs and make a pillow fort or something. You know, have an activity that allowed me the most minimal movement. Lies. They wanted to go swimming. At 10 at night, they want to go to the pool. I can’t be mad, I made it an option so we got changed and headed to the outdoor pool and splashed around for about an hour. It was warm, the water was clean. I’m a mom, simple, easy, and done. I thought about all the fun things I would have done out there by myself but instead of was stuck making sure my kid didn’t drown. Fair enough.

So finally I wrangle a bunch of overly excited miniature humans together and we head upstairs, shower, and ALL of us melt into our respective beds. No fights, no fuss. I looked over and ten minutes in, they were all passed out. I don’t know what kind of mattress we slept on but I tried to figure out a way to get the receptionist to let me take it home. BEST SLEEP EVER..

While I started this blog post to tell you all why a staycation is great for curing the Back To School blues, this post is really all about why it’s great for you Mom. The kids are occupied, you can mess up someone else’s room and have pillow fights, and you get the illusion that you got to travel to some faraway magical land to break up the monotony of parenting.

However you take this, go ahead and book your staycation with DoubleTree by Hilton in your local area. Eat those cookies and get some sleep mama. You deserve it.

Watch our staycation:


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This post is sponsored by DoubleTree by Hilton. All opinions expressed are my own.