I remember growing up and seeing photos of Jesus Christ plastered on the wall. Jesus had wavy long brown hair, blue eyes, and was a very fair complexion. The older I got and the more educated I became on my Bible, I realized that the image of Jesus Christ that I had grown accustomed to did not match the image presented in the Bible.

Where was his dark skin and woolly hair?

While in college, I got the opportunity to study abroad in Egypt, Africa. As I walked through the streets and met the people who lived there, that image of Jesus always stuck in my mind. Deeper research showed that classic painting of Jesus Christ is actually Cesare Borgia, the second son of Pope Alexander the 6th of Rome. Cesare Borgia befriended Leonardo da Vinci and the famous painter used his face as inspiration behind a painting that would live on for years. 

While we may not know the exact features of Jesus and for some, it isn’t important. But in our home, I want my daughter to be aware that Jesus Christ and those in the Bible had features similar to hers. 

That’s why I was so excited to come across the new app by Arksy Studios, Jayden’s Bible Adventures. Jayden’s Bible Adventures is the first app to depict biblical characters as people of color. The cute kid app features Jayden as the narrator and guide in this new age version of the biblical events of the Garden of Eden. Children are able to learn about Adam and Eve, the creation and naming of the animals, and allows children to color the images themselves so that the characters can look as they see fit. 

Arksy Studios hopes to change what Hollywood has left out- the depiction of Black people as biblical. 

“We want to help instill a sense of pride in the African American community, as well as other minority communities”- A rep from Arksy Studios

What I love most about Jayden’s Bible Adventures, is that it does not go too deep for parents or children. The content is light and does not delve into different spiritual beliefs but rather gives a very basic overall understanding of the Bible for their app users. It is a fun and safe way to teach your children about the bible while using imagery that represents them in a positive light. 

Each month, Arksy Studios releases a new bible adaptation featuring Jayden. They also plan to release more cartoons of color in the future. For now, the app can be downloaded in the Google Play store but will be available to Apple Iphone very soon. You can find out more information on their website or search Google Play for Jayden’s Bible Adventures. 

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This post is sponsored by Arksy Studios. All opinions expressed are my own.