I am sure you are reading this title and laughing…or sitting there confused wondering, how broke is she? After buying coloring book after coloring book and watching Kamryn go through them in a matter of thirty minutes (she will scribble on each page and in some feeling of authority exclaim that she is finished) I have probably blown through my little savings account. I feel like it is fair to say


They are a complete waste of money and leave me with the painful decision of deciding what to keep and what to throw away. As I sift through her pictures slowly becoming emotionally attached to each one, noticing her increasing effort to actually color inside the lines, I slowly add them to the stack of 200 pieces of paper she has doodled or colored on since she learned how to hold a crayon. This cannot be life. At the rate we are going, I am going to have an entire attic dedicated to her portraits. Fortunately for me, my mother is a preschool teacher. As I expressed my woes over the fact that discarded coloring books were taking over my life, she told me about a little gem that changed life as I knew it:


Yes, you read that. Freaking lamination. The shiny pieces of paper our teachers used in school on projectors are actually good for something! So my mom tip to you is this:

– Buy a coloring book

-Cut out about 10 pages and take them to your local library or Office Depot.

-Have them laminated.

-Buy erasable markers and become a millionaire.

Ok, you may not become rich from the money you save from buying coloring books but it is worth a shot. If the money isn’t the motive for you, think about all the saved space you will benefit from. Or the fact you don’t have to break her little heart every time you throw her work away. Kamryn actually enjoys wiping away her creations so now I no longer have the burden of having to do the dirty work. It is a win win situation!

With love,

– Shanicia