Changing The Narrative: How Credit Repair Is Leading To My Financial Freedom

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Credit is one of those big and scary adult words that I managed to stay away from until my back was against the wall. I did not believe in credit cards, I rented and did not own, and I did not drive a car. I was basically a nomadic young adult wandering around the world without any particular bearings. Ten years later, I have written quite a few articles on how I paid off my debt and changed my story.

We visit the topic of credit repair often here on the blog because as parents, our credit can make or break our future. Being held hostage by a bad credit score can cause anxiety and threaten the stability for ourselves and our children. As I continue the process to purchase my first home, I checked in with Lexington Law to have my credit reviewed in hopes of boosting my score. Lexington Law is the oldest and most respected name in credit repair and since I have worked with them before, I felt safe to use their services again.

Lexington Law offers services like free credit consultations and has more specific packages for clients. I chose to sign up for their personalized credit consultation to see just how I could further improve my score to lead to financial freedom. My case is unique. I have been actively working on fixing my credit for years. I do not have any outstanding debt besides student loans that are in good standing but I do have a few things on my report like charge offs and a missed payment. I knew how to pay off my debt, but I hit a brick wall with how to remove the negative markings that were holding me hostage.

My Lexington Law credit consultant called me to start the process, in great detail she explained just what would happen. She then walked me through logging in to the website so that I could see just what was happening with my credit. After my initial consultation, she informed me that I would see updates within 30 days.

One of my favorite parts of my client portal is where I can add accounts to track my monthly financial snapshot. In order to properly gain financial freedom, you must understand your credit and the effects of inquiries, credit history, and how your spending habits can raise or lower your score. Things like late payments may seem harmless, but they can stay on your report for as long as seven years. I’m excited about Lexington Law because they believe everyone has a right to a fair credit report, and is committed to their clients’ credit repair journey.  They make it easy too – instead of having to toggle between different websites, Lexington Law has provided all of the necessary services in their online portal and mobile app.

Credit repair is an ongoing process. While you are trying to gain your own financial freedom, Lexington Law removes your phone number from collection agencies so that you can do so in peace. Over the next couple months, I will post updates of my process so far and maybe a sneak peak into my updated credit score. Stay tuned!

What steps are you taking to gain financial freedom?

With Love,