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I remember my wife and I crying in our pediatrician’s office after we had finally brought our daughter home after 12 days in the NICU. Harper was born six weeks early.  The nurse in the office said in a strong New Orleans accent, “You both are in here crying over this little baby, but this baby will grow and you will then move on to something else to worry about.” At that time, it felt like tough love, but after three years of being moms, we now know she was right! After that first surge of new parent worry, came the worry over colic and then her fussiness when she was having trouble passing gas, and then it was teething. We had been introduced to Mommy’s Bliss gripe water to help with Harper’s colic, and it worked, so we knew we could trust their other essential products to help with the other issues we were facing. The following are the essential products that all new parents should have easily accessible in their new baby toolkit.

Gripe Water

Gripe water is one of those holy grail products that you’ve never heard of or never knew you needed until you’re into hour three of holding a crying baby. It’s those moments that you are reminded of every other mother that has survived colic, and you know there has to be a better solution. Gripe water is the first product of this guide because it provides relief for gas, colic and hiccups. These are the three main causes of fussiness in newborn babies. Because Mommy’s Bliss Gripe Water is made of fennel and ginger and is free of the top 8 allergens, I felt comfortable giving this to our baby to assist with her sensitive stomach. Talk about a game changer. After several formula changes and my wife’s bland diet so as not to have too acidic of breast milk, we were happy to have found this aid in addressing Harper’s colic. Mommy’s Bliss also has a new innovative gel version and a new nighttime version, as well.

Baby Gas Relief Drops 

You will never discuss poop and gas more in your life than when you first bring your new baby home. Is baby going to the bathroom enough? What is the color? Consistency? What is that smell?! Or, as my wife often asks me after our youngest baby girl, Holland, finishes her very own symphony, “What exactly have you been eating?!” Even though we took note on the foods that caused our baby girls discomfort, some items are unavoidable, such as the creamer for my must-needed coffee. Mommy’s Bliss Baby Gas Relief Drops are definitely an essential product that will quickly resolve gas and discomfort. When your baby is six months or older, you can also try their Constipation Ease, which promotes regular bowel movements.

Organic Little Gums Massage Gel

Teething and sore gumsI promise it seems like the moment your baby starts even attempting to sleep through the night, their sore gums come to shake the game up. WWe were grateful for a product that we could start using as early as two months. Mommy’s Bliss Gum Massage Gel is organic and made without any numbing or cooling ingredients. The night time version will ease the pain of cutting gums for your little one so you can both get back to sleep. 

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Just as that nurse told my wife and I, this time shall pass but, in the meantime, Mommy’s Bliss has an array of products to assist in each of baby’s transitions.