Do you remember when having a diary was the thing? This was before cell phones and social media gave us platforms to put all of our business in these streets but allowed us to express our feelings in private? We learned how to work through them, conceptualize what they actually meant and provide some funny memories now that we are adults. Writing in a diary was everything – especially for me since I grew up to become a writer. It fostered my ability to become comfortable in expressing myself to others and played a vital role in helping me to discern my likes and dislikes. 

Of course children have things like Diary of a Wimpy Kid but who is that directed towards? Surely not my beautiful Brown girl. And since you know we are all about sharing the Black wealth over here on Black Moms Blog, I want to introduce you to the Diary of Brave Rave book series. Diary of Brave Rave is inspired by the fun family of DivaMom (the author), Do-It-All Dad, and their daughter, Raven AKA Brave Rave. The series highlights Raven’s real life experiences with the world to inspire, encourage literacy, teach healthy problem solving skills, build grit and heal through immense laughter. 

I recently shared some of the books with a father that I know and he was blown away. Of course it is book fair time for many of our young ones and this dad expressed his love for the books. “I just spent $150 on books at my daughters’ book fair last week. I would have loved to have supported this business instead.” he told me. And hey, I couldn’t disagree with him at all. 

The Diary of Brave Rave series is a complete set of books, diaries, posters, apparel, and my most favorite – The Diary of Baby Brave Rave. Kamryn is only five years old so she’s not quite able to write in her diary yet but with the book The Diary of Baby Brave Rave, she is being introduced to the character that can grow with her through her adolescence. This book is for children ages 0-6 and assists young readers to understand the connection between everyday play activities and real life careers and professions such as marine biology, architecture, archaeology, and more.  

Author Raquel Hunter says she was inspired to create the series after spending hundreds of dollars on journal style books that her daughter was obsessed with. Like any mom, she became curious of what her daughter was learning from these books and was disappointed to find unrealistic story lines and lack of valuable substance. Not to mention the obvious lack of representation when it came to the Black family unit. Raquel when into problem solving mode and The Diary of Brave Rave series was created. From one mom to another, I cannot say thank you enough, Raquel. Your series was indeed a necessity to our community. 

So look mamas, I am not going to continue to go on and on about how absolutely AMAZING this book series is.  I really want you to check it out for yourself. Go over to their website and buy some books. Yes. Buy. Some. Books. We also have a **FREE** downloadable Brave Rave activity Book  for you too! 

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This post is sponsored by the Brave Rave Book series. All opinions expressed are my own.