Wash day may be the most dreaded day in Black parenting history. We usually prep ourselves for melt downs, over dramatic behavior, and undeniable back pain. If you are like us, we have tried many different ways. Sometimes we wash in the bath tub and sometimes we wash in the sink. I have even considered dipping her in a lake. OK, I’m joking. But no, seriously. 

My kid has a lot of hair so for us, we wash about once a month and co wash in between. While my little one loves to bathe, she hates water getting near her face or on her hair. Check out we use Shampoo Buddy to make wash day a breeze.

Shampoo Buddy Is Definitely Our Friend

What’s the biggest complaint most children have about wash day? Water getting on their face. This normally happens because of bad neck support. The head drops and water ends up in their ears, eyes, and mouth. No fun for mommy or baby. We recently partnered with Shampoo Buddy to put an end to disaster wash day. Shampoo Buddy is a hair rinsing accessory, inspired by salon sinks, that keeps soap and water out of little eyes and stress out of hair washing. Shampoo Buddy’s inventor, Tiffany Platt said that she was inspired by her two young daughters. 

“Washing the hair of our two young daughters was always a battle in my house. Even though they loved bath time, the hair washing part was a constant source of stress. The mere sight of the rinse bucket would send our younger daughter into hysterics.”

Guess what mama? You are so not alone. I feel your pain. 

Tiffany sent us a Shampoo Buddy to try out and gave me free reign of usage. Since Kamryn is so small, I decided to turn the Shampoo Buddy the opposite way and have her place her shoulders in the lower portion of the device to support her. Her neck fit comfortably in the top of the Shampoo Buddy and her head was able to hang over without any pain or complication. 

This is one way you can use the Shampoo Buddy or you can use it the conventional way by allowing the water to run out of the lower end of the spout. Either option works great as your child ages, you will find multiple ways to use your Shampoo Buddy. 

Shampoo Buddy has just launched their Kickstarter campaign and you can purchase your very own for only $28.00. There are different levels of pledging if you would like to show extra support and purchase more than one for friends and family. If you would like to read their story and purchase your own Shampoo Buddy, visit their Kickstarter page here. 

See how we used our Shampoo Buddy below!


Tell us below, what are some ways you make wash day easier in your home?

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