It is estimated that Eczema affects 10% of infants and newborns. If you are unfamiliar with what Eczema is, it is a medical condition in which patches of skin become rough or inflamed. Many children who suffer from Eczema, are teased and bullied because they are different. Not only are they suffering from the physical pain of Eczema, they also struggle with trying to be seen as normal among their peers who just do not understand how this skin condition works.

As a parent of a child that suffers from mild Eczema, I cannot tell you how happy I was to review this book by Margo Weaver, Mitch With An Itch. Mitch With An Itch is the story of her son, Mitch, who suffers from Eczema but learns to overcome the social awkwardness of his condition by relying on the power of prayer. Margo has managed to tackle a sensitive subject and bring it down to a level where children and adults alike can learn just how important it is to rely on our Heavenly Father in times of distress. I would like to categorize this book as more of a Christian style book versus a pro Black children’s book since the imagery of Jesus Christ is not brown but the message is loud and clear: You are more than just your skin. Margo uses simple imagery to display Mitch and his wide range of emotions as he is taunted at school, counseled by his mother to pray, and his vivid dream of walking with Jesus to learn self acceptance.

The book is paperback and suggested for a reading age of Kindergarten through fifth grade. My daughter is three and a half years old and we read through it together. She suffers from Eczema herself so when we sit down to read the book, I point to the Eczema patches on her legs to explain to her that she is just like Mitch.

The end of the book narrates Mitch waking from his sleep after his walk with Jesus and he is filled with peace. Even though his skin condition has not changed, his attitude has been readjusted. He walks into his classroom the next day knowing that Jesus is with him. The book is short and straight to the point and even comes with a message from Mitch himself, encouraging young ones that they are special and that God loves them. He also urges them to pray during times of distress and remember that our true friends will love us past our outer appearances.

 “Margo Weaver is a wife and mother of three children. The inspiration for her stories comes mostly from firsthand experience. Always using writing as a medium to express herself, she now aspires to enlighten and enable others to overcome challenging life experiences through writing.” (As so written on the back of Mitch With An Itch).

Margo says that her son Mitch has suffered from Eczema since he was only two months old. After diligently seeking treatment to address the physical discomfort and going through great lengths to try and shield him from the cruel comments of others, she turned her efforts away from trying to adjust the behavior of others and towards ensuring her son just how special he was. By changing her focus, she was able to change the focus of her son which reduced his anxiety, improved his outlook and overall quality of life.

I would suggest that every parent purchase this book for their child regardless of if they suffer from Eczema or not. As Margo stated, she changed her perspective of trying to fix the behavior of others and focus on her son. Even still, by reading this book to our young ones, we are teaching them the power of compassion and how to be kind. If there is a student in their classroom suffering from Eczema, your child will know how to handle the situation and may learn to defend and befriend that child if they are experiencing bullying.


To find out more about Mitch With An Itch or to purchase a copy of the book, please visit www.margoweaver.com.

Book InformationTitle: Mitch With An Itch
Publisher: Tate Publishing & Enterprises, LLC.
ISBN: 978-1-63268-781-4
Format: Paperback

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