One of my most favorite parts of parenting is story time. We normally read a book before nap time and before bed time. As a parent, I love finding books that truly reflect the beauty of my daughter. Being a little Black girl, that can be hard to find. I try to stay away from books that lack diversity but most of my only other options are books where animals are the main character. I stumbled across this book on its Instagram page and instantly fell in love. The creator, Michaela Alexander sent me a copy and it has been one of our favorite go to books for the past month. Miles & Mia A To Z is an adorable book aimed at teaching young readers their alphabet in a way that reflects who they are. It goes against the normal: “A is for Apple” rhetoric and creates fun and rhyming word comparisons like “A is for Afro“. The book was cleverly designed and inspired after her own two little ones: Miles & Mia. Below are some of my favorite things I loved about the book.

Introduction Of New Words
One of the key notes for me as a mother is finding ways to teach my daughter new words. Miles & Mia A To Z introduces fun new words like “G is for Guava” “T is for Tutus & Tights” and “Y is for Yams“. Most of these words are words children would not find in other A to Z books. Each letter is combined with a cute and easy rhyme that older children can easily remember and associate with the photos in the book. It is a great book for introducing new site words and fun new words to learn how to spell. 

Teaching Self Confidence Starts Early
As children, we were all taught the same rhyme: “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me“. As an adult, we know that is completely false. I am a strong believer in the words we teach our children can shape their entire perception of their future, who they are, and what they are capable of.

“Miles & Mia A To Z is a book filled with wonderful reminders that our little ones are capable of anything.”

 Alexander teaches those reading her book that they can be a model, scientist, pilot, or athlete. She expresses that Mia’s afro is ‘natural and fluffy. Mia loves to wear hers big and puffy‘.

 Education, Respect, And Discipline
I love books that teach children good moral standards. Miles & Mia A To Z breaks down simple day to day activities like eating breakfast, listening in school, and behaving results in special treats- like carrot cake for Mia. Alexander also manages to sneak in many educational lessons ranging from the animals in the jungle to the planets in the solar system.

Overall, I loved the simplicity of this book, from the design to the wording. It is a softback flexible book with clean, clear imagery that is bright and attention grabbing. The words are large font and easy to read. To find out more about Miles & Mia A To Z or to purchase a copy of the book, you can go to or for more information.

Miles & Mia A To Z
Soft Cover
ISBN: 978-0-9935539-0-5
Author: Michaela Alexander
Illustrator: Sarah Croker

With love,