13092195_1131219650261829_5780843800006590949_nWith a budding three year old, story time is such a pivotal part of our day. We normally read a book right before bed and sometimes, throughout the day my daughter will bring me a book to read to her as well. When she was younger, we read books about animals or fictitious creatures making their way through life’s problems and learning lessons that would help them succeed. As she has started to really retain and apply the messages found in the stories we choose to read, I have been more interested in finding books that instill a sense of self confidence and value in who she is.  I Love Your Brown, written by Daneya L. Jacobs and Atiya Chase, M.Ed was a perfect reflection of points I want to get across to her. Even though this book is designed for a child between the ages of 5-12 years of age, I still read it to my daughter for her to follow along. I give it this age range for desired reading because it is lengthy and younger children can tend to lose focus. Nonetheless, it is a great book for children to grow with well into entering adolescence.

I Love Your Brown uses real photographic imagery to highlight a beautiful poem which expresses to young girls to not only to love the skin that they are in but also virtuous values such as the importance of using positive words to define who they are, being their sister’s keeper rather than their competition, and to remember that they are children of God. 


The book also comes with work pages in the back called “Brown Cutie Guide” where our little brown girls can write in the responses to different questions like what they want to be when they grow up , what they are good at, and what their hopes and dreams are for the world. There is also a section where moms can pen a love letter to their daughters and include their child’s photo. 

I Love Your Brown creates an opportunity to have a special dialogue with your daughter to let her know just how priceless she is and how much you love her”. 

   Authors Daneya L. Jacobs and Atiya Chase, M.Ed say that they “understand the importance of celebrating brown beauty, in its richness, in its distinctness, and its essence” (www.iloveyourbrown.com). These two mamas are more than qualified to teach our young ones just how to love who they are.

Daneya L. Jacobs is a serial Mompreneur who has spent many years working with her own and different starts up in educating young girls through uplifting messages. She is the Commissioner for the Delaware Commission of Women, a financial coach for Stand By Me, a wife, mother, and a friend. 

Atiya Chase, M.Ed is a certified school counselor working in the public school system which has given her a front row seat to just how serious the tension is for young Black girls among their peers and within themselves when it comes to self acceptance and love. The birth of her daughter encouraged her to incorporate her knowledge of dance, soccer, and swim to encourage athleticism where she noticed that many brown girls were missing from these activities. Also a mom, wife, and mother, Atiya knew something had to be done to make a change.

Together Atiya and Daneya have come together to create this inspiring book for little Black girls everywhere. You can also find them on social media at @iloveyourbrown.

With love,


*This is a sponsored blog post. All opinions expressed are my own.