Hey mamas, we know that you are arms deep in preparing Thanksgiving meals, spending time with families, and coordinating matching turkey outfit photoshoots. Who has time to dig through the thousands of Black owned businesses to figure out just who to support during this time of year? Well, we have done the hard work for you. We have composed a list of our favorite Black owned businesses you can support and shop this Black Friday.

Why Is Supporting Black Owned Businesses So Important?

According to Black Enterprise, African American wealth may fall to zero in 2053 if our current spending trends and student loan debt crisis continue. For many millennials, they are first generation college students who are willing to take out hundreds of thousands of dollars in student loans to obtain the “American Dream” of the multiple college degrees and corner offices. The main issue is, even though we are taking out six figure loans, we are not getting paid six figure salaries.

In the last few years, entrepreneurship has become a major trend in the Black community. We figured that we could make money by creating our own businesses where we spent so much through other cultures before. Black women began weave companies, skincare lines, and launched clothing boutiques. We started tech companies, marketing businesses, and headlined avenues to teach financial literacy to other aspiring entrepreneurs and even children. What does this all really mean?

Supporting Black Owned Businesses Can Change This Narrative

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” – African Proverb

According to the Nielsen Report:

  • African Americans outspend the total market on personal soap and bath needs by nearly 19% ($573.6 million).
  • Men are making an impact with grooming habits, outpacing the total market by 20% on toiletry items. 
  • Blacks are 20% more likely than the total population to say they will “pay extra for a product that is consistent with the image I want to convey.”
  • They are also more likely to say they shop at high-end stores including Saks Fifth Avenue (63%), Neiman Marcus (45%) and Bloomingdales (24%).

Now, imagine if, with those statistics, we actively worked to circulate the Black dollar within our own community? I encourage you to shop Black this year. Here is our Master List Of Black Owned Businesses To Shop.

Children’s Books

Tallulah The Tooth Fairy CEO

Written by Dr. Tamara Pizzoli, Tallulah The Tooth Fairy CEO follows Tallulah, a fast talking tooth fairy that is running her own empire of collecting teeth from adorable children. Dr. Pizzoli incorporates knowledge of empowerment and the importance of business structure in this off the wall and hilarious story. Purchase here.

Heart Picked: Elizabeth’s Adoption Tale by Sara Crutcher

Happy Hair by Mechal Renee Roe

Sulwe by Lupita Nyong’o

The Diary of Brave Rave by Raquel Hunter

I Didn’t Ask To Be A Creative by Dontavious Pittman

Kyle is a creative 8-year-old that loves his mom more than anything. Sometimes he pretends that his bed is a pirate ship, and other times it can be a stage for his air guitar show. But Kyle doesn’t have to use his creativity to see that his mom works very hard, and has no time for play. Join Kyle as he teaches his mom a lesson or two about using her imagination.

Apparel & Accessories

Cliqq Clothing

Cliqq Clothing is an online, mom-led children’s clothing store that focuses on fun, trendy clothes that allow your kids to celebrate every fun moment in style! Their selection of clothes offer great quality stylish pieces for both boys and girls ranging in size from newborn to eight years. What makes their clothes special is that they are age appropriate and a fusion of European style and American fashion. 

Visit us at www.cliqqclothing.com and connection with them on instagram.

The Twins Way. Shop here.

The Wright Stuff Chics. Shop here.

Looking for the perfect teacher gift?  The Wright Stuff Chics has you covered.  Our company offers graphic tees and gifts for educators.  We also have gift cards in case you cannot decide what to purchase for your favorite teacher.  We also offer Teach Your Heart Out Conferences and we will have our second educator cruise in July 2021.  Check out our website at www.thewrightstuffchics.com

Frobelles. Shop here.

Gabby Bows. Shop here.

Beautifully Curly Me – shop here.

Baby! Baby! Baby!

The Southern Alphabet Series

A taste of our southern love in these onesies. Each onesie has an alphabet letter and southern accent such as “R is for Red Velvet” and “M is for Mac N Cheese”. We will release new letters in pairs until we get through the whole alphabet. Shop here.

Little Muffincakes

We are a character-based brand established to present high quality merchandise in the Marketplace that reflect the diversity of beauty in children. We seek to provide the necessary building blocks of self-acceptance to promote high self-esteem in children of color from birth. Representation matters so Little Muffincakes is filling voids by providing blankets, bibs, apparel, wrapping paper and other products with relatable imagery. Shop here.

Do you know a Black owned business we should support?