As we round out the end of Black Breastfeeding Week, we are sitting down with Crystal Harris, founder of Brauxiliary Band to share some important information with our readers about why this week exists and how Brauxiliary Band is helping to make sure moms breastfeed as long as possible. 

What inspired you to create the Brauxiliary Band?

I was inspired to create the Brauxiliary Band out of pure necessity! I was going back to work and needed to be able to pump breast milk without my hands being occupied for 30 mins at a time, so I looked into hands-free pumping options and every single one of them was a hassle. They all required that I get undressed from the waist up and change out of the bra that I was already wearing. Who has that kind of time? With a need to pump every 3 hours or so, I would have been literally changing clothes ALL DAY LONG.

What is Brauxiliary Band?

The Brauxiliary Band turns your bra into a hands-free pumping bra. It is adjustable, secure and truly hands free. 

What is Black Breastfeeding Week and why does it exist? 

The Black community has the lowest breastfeeding rates of any other racial group. According to the CDC, increased breastfeeding in Black women could decrease the infant mortality rate by 50%. The celebration of Black Breastfeeding Week is so special because it addresses the unique need for increased breastfeeding support and promotion in the Black community. This movement helps to ensure that all babies survive and thrive!


Lots of new moms say breastfeeding hurts. How do I get a good latch?

I want new moms to know that those first latches are intense. I would describe it as painful at first even when it is perfect. Imagine, a tiny human latches to your nipple creating a vacuum and sucks like its life depends on it. Couple that with the fact that nursing prompts the uterus to contract (yep, more contractions) and you’re thankful for that ibuprofen for sure.
That being said, pain that is piercing, sharp, or causing damage to the nipple is not ok and a sign to break the seal and re-latch.
To get the perfect latch, think baby bird.
You want a wiiiiiiide mouth like the image of baby birds in a nest. New moms think to put the baby’s mouth directly on the nipple. That is a mistake. Start with baby’s belly on mama’s belly and baby’s nose to the nipple. When the baby opens wide like a baby bird, slide the baby up just enough to cover the nipple with the top lip while dragging the bottom lip along the breast tissue to be sure the bottom lip doesn’t tuck. Think “duck lips” for the top and bottom lips. Again, if there’s any piercing pain or sharp pain it’s ok to break the seal and re-latch. You’re not starving your baby.

What is your advice for breastfeeding moms who are transitioning back to work?

Don’t worry about building a large stash of milk before going back. I would try to bank around 30 ounces by pumping a little bit in the morning after nursing. More isn’t really that necessary. When you go back to work, please get a hands free pumping band! Studies have shown that massaging the breast tissue while pumping helps a mother to produce more milk. Most of the time pumping breaks are short, so you have to be efficient. Breast milk is produced when breast milk is removed, so you need to be sure to get full pumping sessions in while away from your sweet baby.
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This post is sponsored by The Brauxiliary Band. All opinions expressed are my own.