My name is Stefanie McDonald, and I’m a temporarily single mom. I’m also a Mommy-Blogger, content creator, and entrepreneur. My blog is called My Bump & Grind, and it details my journey of transitioning into motherhood while striving to reach my goals and aspirations. I started this blog when I was about 6 months pregnant. I knew I would want to grow it into a bigger platform down the line, but in the beginning it was more like a diary for me. I used it to keep me accountable for my goals as I went through my pregnancy. I decided to do a guest post today because I wanted to talk about the importance of the phrase “It takes a village to raise a child.” I also wanted to talk about what that phrase means to me.

It seems like just yesterday my boyfriend and I were blessed with the news that we would be having a baby boy in May of 2016. We discussed names, how we would raise him, what he would look like, and all other fun things you discuss when you’re newly pregnant. The beginning stages of my pregnancy was complete bliss. I was working full time in the city, and I loved it! My boyfriend would meet me most nights at the train station, and drive me home.

Everything was beautiful… Until one day it wasn’t. When I was 7 months pregnant my boyfriend was arrested on a federal warrant that he had no idea was pending. He found out about it during a random traffic stop on his way home one day. There’s no way to describe the feeling I had when he called to give me the bad news. It was like my life was literally taken from me. All I could do was cry. As if that heartbreak wasn’t enough, his bail request was denied indefinitely, which meant that he would have to stay there while we fought his case. I was devastated! Here I am, 7 months pregnant, having my first child, and in just an instant, all of my dreams were shattered. I’d never felt so alone in my life…  

But I quickly discovered I wasn’t alone. My family and friends immediately sprung into action and stepped in to help me with everything I would need. My co-workers gave me an elaborate baby shower at work. I had so many gifts it felt like a family baby shower. I was so thankful. My mom, dad, and sister also gave me a beautiful baby shower in the company of my family and friends. I had so many gifts that it required a U-haul and two cars to get them all home. When I gave birth, my boyfriend’s mom stayed with me at my house for a whole month. She helped me recover from my C-Section, and she taught me how to care for my baby. She taught me things I didn’t even realize I needed to learn. Things like how to bathe my baby and how to wash his hair. She taught me how to soothe him, and most importantly how to rest so I could be energized for him. My friends dropped in every few days to make sure we were ok and didn’t need anything. Some of my loved ones would call me on the phone just to make me laugh, and to make sure that I wasn’t feeling down about my situation.

My son and I were surrounded by so much love that it sometimes brought me to tears because I was so thankful for it all. My boyfriend and I could never thank them enough for what they’ve all done for us. My reason for writing this article isn’t for sympathy but to express gratitude. Although this is a horrible situation, I try my best to appreciate the positive things that have come from it. My “village” has helped me tremendously. They have given me the strength to keep going and not give up. They made sure I had all the tools I needed to continue with my life without falling into a depression over my situation.My son recently turned one year old. This past year has been one of the most defining years of my life. It showed me how strong I am, and that I can persevere through anything. Your village doesn’t have to be a bunch of people buying you things. It doesn’t even have to be people you speak to everyday. A village is anyone you can learn from. Anyone who helps steer you in the right direction is part of your village. That can be family, friends, co-workers, or even people you meet in mommy-groups or on blogs. We’re all learning from each other, and it’s so important that we cherish and nurture those relationships. As we neared my son’s his first birthday, I made the choice to start paying it forward in my life.

I do a weekly giveaway on my blog where I give away one item that I think could be beneficial to another family. Some of the items are used, some are not. All of them are in excellent condition! I have bassinets, walkers, strollers, car seats, bottle warmers, and so much more. My hope is that this giveaway will not only help people who need it, but will also inspire other people to pay it forward by doing what they can to make things easier for next person. We never know what a person is going through, especially moms. We deal with so much, and sometimes it’s nice to be able to share your experiences with people who can relate. This week’s giveaway is a 4moms Rockaroo.


It was one of my favorite items to use when I needed a moment to myself or assistance with putting my son to sleep. Here is a picture of the exact one you would be getting:


It’s in excellent condition, and it also comes with the insert which was purchased separately. To be eligible for the giveaway all you have to do is sign up for my weekly newsletter hereand you are automatically entered in each weekly giveaway. Everything is free including shipping. This giveaway ends on Sunday, July 2nd, 2017, and the winner will be notified on Monday, July 3rd, 2017. Since becoming a blogger I’ve met so many wonderful women and I’ve learned so many new things. I hope that you’ll consider me as a small part of your village because I definitely consider the Black Moms Blog community part of mine. 💓

-Stefanie Mcdonald
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