Being a mom is hard. Starting your own business and becoming a self proclaimed Mompreneur is even harder. But all over the world, women are doing it every single day. Black women in particular are leading the way for starting their own businesses and becoming their own bosses. Add “mom” to that list and you will have the women that we celebrate daily on our blog. 

So what is a mom to do when she has to work her store front and also care for her active two year old? She baby wears! In walks Phnewfula Frederiksen, owner of Happy Mango, located in Kirkwood, Atlanta. Phnewfula is a mother of two, Clark Atlanta University graduate, and an advocate for breastfeeding, eco conscious and healthy living. Like most women who embark on parenthood, she found that her 20 year career in the music industry no longer suited her lifestyle as a mom so she set on the journey to take her online side business to mainstream income.

Being a Mompreneur means showing my children that if they work hard and [work] smart, that they can achieve whatever they put their mind to. It means being present for my children on a schedule that’s not controlled by anyone else and most importantly, it means putting my babies to work in the store so they can sell stuff!

Phnewfula has fun with her business and jokes around but ultimately becoming a Mompreneur has allowed her the freedom to parent on her own accord and make money while doing it. 

Like most mompreneurs, Phnewfula is still trying to get a handle on work / life balance and at times, the two seem to simply collide together. She takes Mondays off to bond with her daughter, her family has movie nights on Saturdays, but every other day of the week is up for grabs. On Wednesdays, her youngest, Sakura joins mommy at work for the entire day. The best part about working in an eco friendly baby store? There are plenty of cribs and baby carriers around to assist Phnewfula while her little one is at work with her. At nap time, Sakura sleeps in one of the cribs in store and for day to day activity, Phnewfula baby wears her with her favorite Ergobaby carrier, the Original. 

Being hands free means that I can actually work!” Phnewfula says. Phnewfula is such a fan of the Ergobaby carriers, that they are one of the only brands of baby carriers that she sells in store outside of another brand of wraps.

Ergobaby has 6 variations of its baby carriers which a parent can choose from and they even help you assess your purpose for carrying. For Phnewfula, the Original serves best for all around use as an everyday parent but some of her customers love the Organic Cotton Fabric carrier which is perfect for the green conscious parent. Whatever your need, Ergobaby has you covered. 

For all of my mamas, who are obsessed with Sophie La Giraffe, Ergobaby has just released their limited edition Sophie La Giraffe carrier which comes equipped with a detachable toy tether conveniently placed so Sophie can travel with your little one. Don’t worry, we will be hosting a very special giveaway soon so you can enter and win! 

Are you an aspiring Mompreneur? Share your journey with us below!

With love,