No matter if you refer to November 23rd as Thanksgiving Day, Indigenous People Day, or don’t give it a label at all, most people use that day to gather with friends and family. We stuff our faces full of food, the children play together, and there is normally some sort of binge watching of sports of movies. We stay up late and laugh, then prepare for Black Friday shopping in the morning. Oh, and if you haven’t already, check out our #ShopBlack list. 

The real part of that day though is when we sit and reflect on how thankful we are. So I asked some of our community what they were thankful for and these were a few of our favorite answers;


“I’m grateful for my dad at 80 years old. He has good health and great mental and spiritual attitude. I am grateful for my daughter’s progress from non verbal to forming short sentences, her social skills have improved, and she’s reading words! #autismawareness ”


“I am thankful for a healthy pregnancy so far & the arrival of my daughter on 1/2/2018. I am blessed to be chosen to be a mother.”


“Being alive”.


“I am grateful for my children’s mental health. From the moment we first counted ten fingers and ten toes, we are watching our children for any sign of physical illness but vigilance related to mental health is arely onthe radar. It just doesn’t cross the minds of most moms. I get it – I just didn’t have that chance. My older sister’s schizophrenia and bipolar disorder wreaked constant havoc on my childhood. My parents didn’t know what to do other than pray. I became terrified of having kids. What if the same thing happened to them? So, I channeled my fear. Mental health became my career. I have been blessed to help a lot of people and I am thankful to God for that but nothing compares to my gratefulnness for what it has meant to me to be empowered as a parent to protect and support the mental health of my own children. I am thankful thankful thankful!”


“I am thankful for a husband that supports and provides for his family and my two babies that I am able to watch grow up to be these sweet, kind, and empathetic little people.”


“I am thankful for God…my children…parents…and peace beyond all understanding!”


“For making it to my 43rd Thanksgiving when my mother nor her sister did. Remembering their laughts and duplicating their recipes.”


“Super thankful for my familyy, friends, and all the awesome new people that God has connected me with this year. Thankful that I am walking in my purpose and have a closer relationship with God. Thankful for life”


“God’s grace and mercy.

As we keep moving forward through the holiday season, remember the most important aspects of this season aren’t in the material items but are in the heart. Tis the season.

With love,