A toddler is an adorable little human being with bright eyes, and a smile that can light up just about any room. This is all true except for when they are upset, like really upset. Coping with a frustrated toddler can sometimes leave you drained and overwhelmed. Don’t worry Mama! You are not alone. That’s why I’m giving you 7 Simple Ways To Keep Your Toddler Calm and Happy!

1. Engage with Them

Spurts of engagement throughout the day can go a very long way! Your toddler craves and needs your attention more than you may know. Even when you are busy and on the go, strive to give them moments of your time. Direct eye contact, acknowledgment of their speech, mini conversations with them, smiling at them and giving them praise for the littlest things all count towards positive engagement with your toddler. Doing these things boost their mood and let them know that you appreciate their presence and see them as important!

2. Space and Independence

A toddler who feels too restricted is not a happy camper. Allowing them a reasonable amount of space in a safe environment helps build their confidence and encourages them to learn new things. Every day, your toddler is realizing that they can take on and complete new tasks… some without your help. Depending on their age, your toddler may or may not be ready for designated tasks but if they are it is something worth trying. Having a “job” to do that is theirs alone is so rewarding in their eyes and provides them with a sense of independence.

3. Hands on Activities

Your toddler is constantly busy and on the go. There are many things that you may want to teach him/her, but it can be difficult to do so when their attention span is very short. The solution to this hurdle is to encourage play and learning as one. Providing them with hands on activities helps them feel free and retain new information. At times, it may not seem as though they are paying attention. However, 9 times out of 10, they are most likely having fun and soaking up more information than you may realize. You’ll win because they are learning new things and they will be happy because they get to have fun!

4. Healthy Eating Habits

Healthy eating has been scientifically proven to boost people’s moods. On the flip side, too many sugary foods and snacks can have a negative impact on human emotion and overall health. This counts for your little one as well. If your toddler is hungry or thirsty, they may cry or act out negatively. That is why you must always keep healthy foods and drinks on hand whether at home or out and about. Is your little one being whiny or irritable? Simply give or share a snack with them to try band improve their overall mood. Major plus if it’s a healthy one.

5. Give Them Positive Feedback

Naturally, your little one will get into a lot of things that they shouldn’t. This is because they are rapidly discovering their own free will. While setting clear boundaries with your toddler, make sure to balance things out with positive feedback and praise for good deeds. Getting overly excited when they do something right is always welcome! If your child sees that you become happy when they do as you ask, it will make them feel good and they will in return do as you ask more frequently.

6. Show Affection

Children need love to feel secure. If your toddler’s feelings are hurt or if you are not quite sure what is bothering them, when all else fails, nothing can calm them quite like your affection. Hugs are usually the best antidotes and have been said to lower blood pressure and increase the life span of the average human being. This means that showing affection not only benefits your child but you as well. Always make sure to express your love towards your toddler. Not only will he/she appreciate you more for it, but it will also teach them how to be a kind and loving person.

7. Keep Calm and Be Happy

The quickest way that your toddler learns is by watching you. When you remain calm and happy, they will learn to do the same. Over reacting to anything is not healthy for you or your little one. Taking time out to take care of yourself can help you to better manage challenging ordeals. Something as simple as doing your nails, soaking in a hot bath, taking a nap and/or reading a good book will help balance your day out. As you’ve noticed, your toddler is growing up quickly but understand that you are developing as well. If you are a parent (especially a new parent), you will learn and discover different things daily. Always do your best but take it easy on yourself sometimes and most importantly, enjoy the ride!

With Love and Good Cheer,

Keep Calm Mom