5 Ways To Naturally Prepare Your Body For Childbirth & Breastfeeding

You find out you are pregnant. Now what? Each and every woman is capable of childbirth. By no means though should it be believed that preparation isn’t necessary. I would liken childbirth to the Olympics. Yes, you can do it. No it will not be easy. But if preparation is involved, it can make the process run plenty smooth. From the first moment you pee on the stick and get a positive result, the prep begins. It is not just a mental process but also a physical process, involving a loving amount of self care. So let’s go over a few ways to naturally prepare your body for childbirth.

You Are What You Eat

I had a friend once tell me that she gained close to seventy pounds with the birth of her son. Unless there is a medical condition involved, that is obsessive weight gain for pregnancy. According to WebMD, at average weight, a woman should only gain between 25-30 pounds. An underweight woman between 25-40 and an overweight woman 15-25 pounds. There is this long standing myth that when you are pregnant, you should eat for two, specifically giving in to all of your bad cravings for sweets, sugar, and junk food in general. Think of it this way- every single thing you eat goes to your baby. Would you give a six month old donuts and ice cream for breakfast? Probably not. So liken pregnancy to the same concept. Focus on building strong bones and a healthy immune system. Eat plenty of greens, drink lots of water, and stay far away from sugary treats. Your baby (and scale) will thank you.

Mrs. Patel’s Lactation Tea

Mentally Prepare To Push A Child From Your Crotch

Let that sit and marinate for a bit. Pregnancy is exciting and at the end you get this cute, bald, little being to love on. What a reward! But that little ball of joy has to come out from your most intimate parts. And it hurts. I won’t sugar coat childbirth for you. As someone who had their babe med free, it hurts like hell. The relief is though that the labor is worse than the pushing. The most terrifying part in your mind only lasts about 30 minutes but the labor, the hours upon hours of what can only be described as period cramps from Hades itself, those can last a bit longer.

So how do you prepare for it?

My biggest suggestion is to find your center, especially if you are planning for a natural birth. Yes, pain is real but it is also a mental game. Look into different techniques like hypno-birthing or water birthing. Give yourself options and always remember that as long as your baby is healthy, there is no wrong way to welcome them into this world. 

Try Mrs. Patel’s Lactation Treats & Teas

Being from the South, I have heard every different myth and old wives tale for pregnancy preparation. Everything from heartburn being linked to a lot of hair to the crazy myth that taking baths will drown your baby. Thankfully, there is no validation to either of these absurd claims and the truth of the matter is that if you are having obscene amounts of heartburn, it could be linked to your new cravings for spicy foods. Which is why I am recommending trying Mrs. Patel’s lactation treats. Mrs. Patel’s was founded in San Francisco and is based on the tenets of Ayurveda (an ancient Indian medicinal system). Their ingredients have been used by nursing mothers for thousands of years. Even though Mrs. Patel’s focuses particularly on nursing mothers, it is never too soon to focus on what happens after your baby arrives. The lactation treats and teas cannot be consumed while pregnant; however, the company recommends ordering the lactation treats three weeks before your due date. Their most popular product are their Chocolate Fenugreek bars. Fenugreek works to increase milk supply for pumping and breastfeeding. Their bars come in about 8 different flavors.

Mrs. Patel’s also carries a multitude of teas and Munch Crunch lactation sprinkle treats. To find out more about Mrs. Patel’s products, visit their website here

Exercise Is Your Friend

Always remember to consult your doctor before starting any exercise regimen while pregnant. 

Earlier I compared pregnancy to the Olympics. What happens if you don’t train for the 5K? Chances are it will be that much harder to complete. In order to have a smooth pregnancy and child birth, it is a good idea to start a light exercise and stretching regimen to prepare your body. Look around your city for pregnancy exercise groups or search for a few videos online.

Pay Off Outstanding Debts

This isn’t really a preparation for your body but more for your finances and well being. After the birth of your baby, the last thing you want to be worried about is unexpected bills. It is always a good idea to set yourself up financially if you are in the position to do so. When I found out I was pregnant, I paid off any petty bills or credit cards I had lying around. This came in handy later when cash became short. It also helped to increase my credit score. 

Mamas, I want to know. What are some ways you prepared for childbirth? Share with us below!

With love,


*This post is sponsored by Mrs. Patel’s. All opinions expressed are my own.