Ahhh Mother’s Day.  The day your family scrambles around and tries to find a gift that could in some way represent your position in their life as a mother.  At the end of the day the gifts are nice, and if he got it truly right, the clean house smells great. But have you given yourself the most important gift this Mother’s Day?  Did you appreciate you today?  Did you do something for yourself that honors the fact that you’ve been totally rocking this motherhood thing?  

Alright, I’m just gonna go ahead and say it:


There. It’s done.  How often do you say this to yourself?  With today being mother’s day let’s take the time to not only say it to ourselves but prove it to ourselves.  Here are 5 ways to appreciate yourself this Mother’s Day:

  1. Take a bath.  Not just a hopping in to get clean kinda bath.  But one of those intentionally long baths.  Light the candles, fill it with bubbles and place your favorite foods or snacks right outside the tub for you to munch on.  Appreciate the warmth of the water and the opportunity to completely be alone to think or do whatever you want.  Embrace the moment. 
  2. Get yo nails did.  Even with those fingers completely covered in poo, peanut butter or baby drool, they can look good doing it! Go ahead and spend some lengthy time in the nail salon.  Maybe even push it a little further and get a color you never get.  This time is all about you!
  3. Take a nap.  Whew chile this is me and I am this.  Taking a nap is my favorite way to unwind.  Go ahead put on your favorite pjs, wrap your hair up and lay it down!  This undisturbed time is all for you to get into deep REM sleep without having to worry or listen for any interruptions.  Take full advantage!
  4. Hang with friends.  Who says all of Mother’s Day has to be spent with just your family! After your family time meet up with some other mamas! Spend the time showing off cute baby photos, discussing parenting tips and maybe even have a little wine.  Use this time to truly connect with some adults and enjoy the company of someone a little closer to your age range.
  5. Write yourself a card.  Okay I know, this one sounds a little strange but roll with me.  Your family; mother, husband, kids, etc, all get you a card and tell you the ways they appreciate you as a mother.  But have you told yourself how you appreciate yourself as a mother?  Grab yourself a card in the store and inside it write yourself a heart felt message of all the ways being a mother has inspired you,  write about how appreciative you are for all you do, or whatever else you want to include in it!  Now here’s the most important part; READ IT.  I know you think oh this is obvious.  But truly sit down and appreciate the words you wrote.  The most important love you can give, is the love you give to yourself.  

So go ahead and enjoy this Mothers Day to the full extent mama!  Not just from the people celebrating you, but from you celebrating you too.  

Happy Mother’s Day!! 

Aysia B. 

Aysia is co-editor of our lifestyle section. You can follow her on Instagram or over on her blog Mothering the Mama.