5 Tips to Help Busy Moms Build Muscle and Burn Fat at Home in just 40 minutes

Getting into a workout groove can be challenging for a busy mom. And with 2020’s quarantine regulations, new challenges were added that made getting to the gym a lot harder. It was no longer about making it to the gym, it became more about, how good of a workout can I get in at home? And will my workout help me burn fat and build muscle at home?

It can be really easy to only focus on cardio while at home since equipment isn’t required, but if you want to be toned and desire a metabolism that can enjoy a BBQ or Sunday brunch with the girls, then you’re going to need to add some healthy muscle to your body too. Adding healthy muscle to your body helps give the curvy figure, prevent osteoporosis, increases energy production and reduces aging at the cellular level.

But what do you do when you’re short on time, being pulled in many directions (#momlife), and can’t really fathom being in an enclosed gym touching all the things yet?

You Build & Burn.

build muscle and burn fat at home for moms
Brit Tafoya | @weightwarriorwoman

Today I want to share some tips with you and give you the method I used to build muscle and burn fat at home and create my post 2020 body.

Let’s face it, everyone got sluggish in some way in 2020. The focus was different, the stress was increased, us moms became teachers, food supply stockers, disinfectant workers and all at the same time tried to stay sane.

But we did it. So now it’s time to make ourselves a priority again. And with this workout method you’ll be doing just that!

Here are my 5 Tips to help you build muscle & burn fat at home in only 40 minutes:

  1. Schedule it in Sis!! – With this workout only being 40 minutes and no commuting time, it should be a lot easier than planning for the gym. Pick a time where the kids are asleep or occupied and you’re able to just focus on you to give yourself the love and care you need to thrive. You deserve 40 minutes of pure focus to fill your cup for the day.
  2. Pick a location! – What invigorates you? Is it the outdoors, is it a quiet living room with your favorite candle burning? It’s important that where you decide to workout embodies the energy you want to have. Sometimes to create that space you’ll have to jazz it up a bit but it’s well worth it and will only make you that much more consistent. Trust me, with the right space, you’ll definitely be looking forward to going there for your 40 minute session.
  3. Commit to Weights– Grab a pair of dumbbells or a barbell (this is what I use) at a weight that will fatigue your muscles at 10-12 reps. I love the barbell because you can add plates to it and reduce as needed very easily. We want to be able to move fast and keep intensity; the barbell is great for that.
  4. Pick 4 Complex exercises– A complex exercise is a lift that requires the whole entire body to execute a rep. That means every part of you is engaged in that exercise. Here’s a few of my go to complex exercises: good mornings, squats, deadlifts, lunges, overhead presses, and barbell rows. These exercises can be done in a variation of ways and are foundation muscle building lifts.
  5. Burn– Now that you’ve added your 4 complex lifts, we have to add the burn factor and that’s going to be any type of quick movement that feels natural yet intense for your body. A few examples would be: jumping jacks, running in place, jumping rope, a stationary bike or any other cardio equipment you have at home. The idea is to move from your lifts that BUILDS straight to the activities that BURN.

As an extra, I’ve included a sample 20 MINUTE “Build & Burn” workout below.

*REMINDER: Always get your Doctor’s approval before beginning new health & fitness routines*

build muscle and burn fat at home