My daughter turns six years old today and in her small time on earth, this is the first time we have ever decided to throw a birthday party. Truth be told, birthdays were not celebrated prior to now due to religious circumstances but it was more than that – as a parent, I have never been a fan of the materialism behind holidays and birthdays. I have heard mothers tell me they have spent upwards to $1,000 for a one year old birthday party or splurging on fancy Christmas gifts. 

As a parent, my job is to foster a healthy sense of self-worth in my daughter and spending unnecessary amounts of money on a three hour party was not my idea of leading by example. I made the decision that we would not have a party until she expressed direct interest in having her own. 

This year when she expressed her interest, I got to work on ways to have a stress free birthday party for my daughter. Here are five easy steps to make it happen!

Throw A Cake And Ice Cream Party

A child’s birthday should not include a five course meal. Keep it simple and encourage your guests to eat before arriving. Many times, the food is really an after thought that happens at very end before cake and ice cream. Instead of having food, use the cake and ice cream as the exit meal before your guests depart. 

Pre-Order Your Birthday Supplies From Kiesse Kids

You know how tough it is rummaging around the store looking for party supplies? There are so many options and rarely any of them have selections that include African-American characters. This year, we ordered all of our party supplies from Kiesse Kids. The first thing my daughter said when she saw the hats, plates, and cups was, “She looks just like me!” We could not have gotten that reaction with a Princess Elsa party pack. Kiesse Kids also supplies Hispanic party supplies as well.

Check out Kiesse Kids collection here. 

Keep The Party Planning Simple & Short

Instead of having an all day excursion, try to keep your child’s birthday party to a two-hour max. Let’s say we have a party from 12-2pm. Use this breakdown:

  • 12:00 PM: guests arrive
  • 12:30 PM: Activity one
  • 1:00 PM: Activity two
  • 1:30 PM: Cut cake, eat ice cream, and guests depart

What are easy birthday activities that aren’t time consuming? Here are a few to consider:

  • Pin the tail on the donkey
  • A pinata (can also include candy and toys for takeaway gifts
  • Table cloths that can be painted on
  • Painting pumpkins (for Fall birthdays)
  • Scavenger hunt
  • Song and dance party 
  • Arts & crafts activity
  • Swimming party
  • Park party

Save Opening Gifts For Later

Opening gifts can take a long time and can add an unneccesary extension to your gathering. Not to mention, it can be a lot of pressure on your guests or your child. Those who may not have brought a gift or that did not give a top dollar gift could feel guilty when seeing their gifts opened before or after someone else who did. Opening gifts should be a private affair shared between parents and child. Send a thank you note to everyone who came and thank them for their gifts after the party is over.

No Sparkles Please!

Clean up can be the most exhausting part of a birthday celebration. Stay away from buying accessories like glitter, using real dishes that have to be washed, and confetti. You can use paper streamers which are larger and can be easily cleaned up. Stick to eating at tables so that you can just toss the table cloth with paper dish ware and utensils rolled up inside. Enlist the help of the parents while the party is going on to spot clean so that you will not be left to do it alone after everyone leaves. 


What are some tips you have to throwing a stress free kids’ birthday party?

With love,