5 Tips On Raising Strong, Confident Daughters + Lily Jade Giveaway

Raising a daughter is like staring at a little you in the face and dealing with it head on. In my case, that means dealing with a tiny, fierce, and prissy little thing. My daughter is a replica of me. 

I’m recognizing the beauty in her development. Everyday, I am looking for ways to foster her independence and honor her needs. Here are 5 Tips On Raising Strong, Confident Daughters. Make sure you stick around to find out how you can win a new bag from our partners at Lily Jade

Outspoken Doesn’t Mean Disrespectful

Long gone are the days of “children should be seen and not heard”. I mean, seriously. That entire adage is completely outdated. Teaching our children, especially our little Black daughters that they do not have a voice is detrimental to their development. This is not to promote disrespectful behavior but it is OK to allow your child to have an opinion. 

Honor Those Opinions

This video was shared on our Instagram page that showed a little girl telling her mommy that she didn’t like her hairstyle. She went on to express (through growing irritation) why she didn’t like the style. The video had mixed reviews. Some felt the little girl was just a bit too expressive that borderlined disrespectful and others felt that she articulated herself properly and her irritation was something to work through. 

The greatest takeaway was that she formed an opinion, talked through her opinion, and gave reasonable answers on why she felt the way she did. It validated her voice. 

Validating our daughters’ voices and opinions will teach them to speak up in uncomfortable situations and prepare them to stand up for matters they believe in.

Imitation Is The Greatest Form Of Flattery

Our daughters are constantly looking to us for inspiration. Rather it be in the ways that we deal with others or even with how we dress, they want to be like us. Do as I say and not as I do definitely needs to be tossed. We are leading examples of holding our heads up high for our daughters to see. 

This puts a lot of pressure on you too, Mama. Follow your dreams. Take self care days. Remove yourself from toxic relationships. By doing so, you are showing her that she doesn’t have to accept anything less than what she truly deserves. 

Teaching Manners Will Never Go Out Of Style

When raising independent daughters, it is crucial that they learn manners will take them further in life. Our top 10 etiquette lessons:

  1. Do not interrupt adults while talking.
  2. Always remember to say please and thank you.
  3. Don’t point at others.
  4. Always knock before entering a room.
  5. Learn to accept the answer, No.
  6. Remember to chew with your mouth closed.
  7. Learn how to say no without being rude.
  8. Know that politiness bequeaths politeness.
  9. Sneeze or cough in your sleeve, not your hand.
  10. Always make direct eye contact to get your point across successfully. 

You Are More Than Just A Pretty Face

We are all guilty of doating on the beauty of little girls. We go on and on about their appearences. Without intention, we are grooming them to think that their looks are the most important element of their being. There’s nothing wrong with telling your daughter she is beautiful, just let her know that she is not just a pretty face. Let her know that women are doctors, lawyers, and business owners too. 

Show your daughters that some of their favorite items, like our Lily Jade bag, is made from a woman entreprenur. The future is female and we are just getting started!

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