BOY, OH BOY! Where do I begin? 

Our baby boys are perhaps the best thing that could have happened to us boy mommies. They are sweet, they are caring, they are adventurous & they love, love LOVE their mommies. I’m sure your little guy sticks to you like glue! 

With all of that being said – our precious boys come with a lot of energy that can definitely take a little warming up to, especially for us first time moms! It’s no secret – little boys tend to be a tad bit more active, playful and exuberant than little girls. If you’re anything like me – this was a huge wake up call

“What do I do with all of this energy ? What are some stimulating activities that we can do together?”

My 19 month old son – Romie.

Stimulating activities for toddlers are always a great way to allow for them to exert their energy while, at the same time, developing sensory and motor skills – which are very important for the development of your little guy. Your toddlers’ sensory skills are his vision, touch, smell and taste. His gross motor skills are the skills that enable him to move and coordinate the muscles in his arms and legs. His fine motor skills are the skills that he’ll develop to learn to use his wrists, hands, fingers & smaller muscles. The activities that I have listed below are not only great ways to keep your little guy busy, but they will also benefit his sensory and motor development.

 Pick an activity or two & get busy!

Water Play

Fill up a bucket or plastic bin with water – let baby boy put all of his favorites toys in there – & let him have a splash party! If you don’t have a bucket or bin – the bathtub is a great alternative! Pouring, splashing, stirring and playing in water helps our little ones with their hand/eye coordination – which is an aspect of motor skill development.

Outdoor Playtime

Take baby boy outside – if possible, try a large grassy area free of structures & bushes – and let him run wild! Bring a couple of colorful bouncy balls for him to throw around along with a blanket and make it a picnic! Pack his favorite snacks & cold water or milk for when he needs a break. The fresh air will be great for the both of you – and best of all, baby boy will get to run wild! Outdoor play with objects such as bouncy balls, is great for the development of gross motor skills.

Taped Toy Fine Motor Skills Activity

For this activity you’ll need: 

  • a large piece of cardboard (or any solid and flat surface)
  • masking tape 
  • about 10 of baby boy’s handheld toys (plastic animals, small balls, colorful blocks etc.) 

Tape his toys to the cardboard, with just one strip of tape for each toy – we don’t want to frustrate him. Now, let him go around the board detaching all of his toys. It’s a super simple activity that will keep him busy for a bit – while also developing his fine motor skills. 

Pick Up Sticks

Yep. I said it. Pick-Up-Sticks. I had initially bought them for a game night I planned to host & my baby boy found them – to my surprise he sat on the floor for over 30 minutes rolling them, organizing them & taking them in & out of their container! To spice it up a bit, give him another plastic container or a Pringles can to transfer them to. You can find pick up sticks online for cheap, I got mines at Target for about $5. This is a great activity, that also helps develop fine motor skills. 

Sensory Bin

For this activity you’ll need: 

  • Dry rice – enough for him to scoop 
  • Random Kitchen Objects like – an egg carton, measuring cups, a large plastic spoon or spatula, the top to a small pot, the cardboard tube from a roll of paper towels – pretty much just a variety of different knick knacks for him to scoop the rice and play. 
  • A Bin or Box Big enough to fit the objects listed 

Pour the rice into the bottom of the bin & put all of the objects on top of the rice. If he looks a little puzzled at first – my son did – let him watch you scoop/pour the rice a couple of times so he can see what to do. Then, let him go to town. Scooping, pouring and dumping the rice will help develop his spoon and transferring skills – which are also fine motor skills.

And there you have it – 5 stimulating activities to keep our little busy busy. Our baby boys require a lot of our attention – needing constant stimulation, exercise and activity throughout the day. These activities are great ways to help channel their energy in a way that will benefit their growth and development. I hope that your little guy loves these fun activities as much as my son does! 

About the Author

My name is Brittny Hayes and I am from San Francisco, California. I am currently studying to attain an Associate’s Degree in Social and Behavioral sciences, with plans of continuing on to complete my Bachelor’s studies in Psychology. I’ve always loved to express myself through writing and earlier this year I decided to start a blog – “”. On my blog site I share my experiences and insight on topics such as motherhood, traveling and lifestyle – with the overall theme of finding balance in life. For a day to day peek inside of my life – highs, lows, struggles, successes and more – follow me on instagram @brittnyexplainsitall.