Living in Atlanta for the past ten years, I have found that the World Natural Hair Show has become a staple for women and men here. We look forward to it, we save up to spend serious coin on vendors, and we make a lot of space in our bags for all the product samples that will be handed out. When I transitioned from a perm to natural tresses back in 2008, The World Natural Hair Show literally saved my life. Back then, YouTube wasn’t big, Instagram wasn’t around, and the local stores only offered two or three products designed for natural hair. I remember when I first attended and I received that red bag from Ms. Jessie’s with enough product to last me the rest of the year…LEGENDARY. So yes, it’s that time of the year again and I am giving you 5 Reasons You Should Attend The World Natural Hair Show.

All Of Your Faves Are On The Power Panel

You read that right. The World Natural Hair Show is hosting a Power Panel with some of your most coveted and favorite hair companies. Some which you have been using for years like Taliah Waajid (they are actually hosting the show you know) and others you have watched grow up right in front of your eyes like Mielle Organics and Alikay Naturals. Here is a list of each brand that will be a part of the Power Panel:

  • Taliah Waajid
  • Jane Carter Solution
  • The Mane Choice
  • Mixed Chicks
  • Frizz Free Curls
  • Alikay Naturals
  • Mielle Organics
  • Camille Rose Naturals
  • TGIN

The Power Panel will be held on Saturday, April 22nd at 2 PM.

The WNHS Cares About Your Health

Admittedly, this is one segment of the hair show that I am extremely happy (and proud) of them for. For years I have attended this event and ate the junk food that is provided- pizza, popcorn, and everything in between. While I am sure there will still be pizza at the event, I am so happy they are also taking the time to focus on health and wellness with food tastings. The World Natural Hair Show is truly evolving into a lifestyle brand that not only cares that you look good on the outside but also that you feel good on the inside. They will have gluten free snacks, vegan options, delicious raw foods, organic and non- GMO food options this year.

Did I Mention Shopping And Pampering?

Maybe I should have just scooted this right up to the top of the list. As a mom, these two things are few and far in between. The fact that I have the opportunity to do both at the same d@*n time sounds a little too good to be true. But two snaps for the WNHS because they are making it happen. While educating yourself on the current hair trends and styles, you will also have the opportunity to shop with hundreds of businesses that are selling beautifully printed dresses, skirts, jewelry, and self care products. There will also be manis, pedis, and massages available. Go ahead World Natural Hair Show…take all my money.

Speaking Of Moms…

Don’t worry, you won’t have to sit this one out. FroBabies will be sponsoring the Children’s Corner this year which means you can drop the babies by, let them play, while you enjoy the event. There will be rock climbing, Home Depot workshops, face painting, and  interactive video games. There will also be a fun kiddie concert added to the event! All ages are welcome!

Yours Truly Will Be Featured At The Social Circle

You know I love ya’ll and truly can’t wait to meet each of you at the Social Circle. Myself along with a few other social media Influencers and brands will be featured at the Social Circle on Saturday and Sunday. Below is a list of Influencers who will be in attendance and our speaking topics

  • “Creating a Natural Lifestyle for Children” Black Moms Blog (@blackmomsblog)
  • “4C Hair Rules” West African Baby (@westafricanbaby)
  • “Beauty & the Beat” Yasmine Clement (@muayasmine)
  • “Remix the Runway” Teaira Blount (@styledbyteaira)
  • “Natural Hair Movement in the UK” Curls A U Naturale (@curls_aunaturel)
  • “Protective Styling” Phylicia Benn

To find out more information or purchase tickets for the World Natural Hair Show, visit their website here

With love,


This post is sponsored by Taliah Waajid Brand. All opinions expressed are my own.