Today an interview was released by Ladies Like Us Podcast where T.I. proudly states that he accompanies his eighteen year old daughter to the doctor to make sure that her hymen is intact and that she is still a virgin. The internet is upset and rightfully so. Here are 5 reasons why T.I.’s line of reasoning is WRONG.

Virginity Is Not Determined By The Placement Of A Hymen

A woman’s body is not made with a one size fits all manual. We come in different shapes, different sizes, and for the topic at hand – different size and positions of our hymens. There are many things that can displace a woman’s hymen that have absolutely nothing to do with sex. Sports, horseback riding, tampons, or riding a bike are just a few.

Speaking on the topic of sex, vaginal penetration is not the only way one determines another’s virginity.

Why are we even having this conversation? Because clearly some men still live in their own made up patriacial world. T.I. may want to go to medical school before making such obscene statements.

T.I.’s Reasoning Is Completely One Sided

What about the boys? In our society, only women are left with the guilt and obligation to uphold some moral standard of virginity. In a recent episode of his show, T.I. sits with his family on the beach and openly admits that he is more willing to accept his sons having sexual intercourse instead of his daughters. Newsflash T.I. – your sons have to have sex with someone. If it is not other men then you can bet they are bedding someone’s daughter.

As It Pertains To Sex Education…

Long gone are the days where we teach our daughters sexual abstinence and hand our sons condoms. Teach your children self worth and trust that your parenting skills were adequate for your child’s knowledge and well being.

It Is No One’s Right To Reveal Someone’s Sexual Status – Father Or Not

Growing up in a Black household, there were many things shared across dinner tables and family gatherings that were completely inappropriate – like the time I started my period and my mother decided to announce it at family dinner at my grandmother’s house. Or the time she told the police officer I started my period so that she could get out of a speeding ticket…

The truth of the matter is this – T.I. revealing his daughter’s sexual status is just as predatory as a lover exposing her in a sex tape. Wrong is wrong.

TI Has Opened His Daughter Up To Sexual Bullying And Unwanted Attention

Because of T.I.’s willingness to expose his daughter, her Instagram comments are completely out of line. Men are leaving sexually charged messages on her account telling her they want to break her hymen, speaking on her worth as a woman, and threatening to stalk her. When did any of this become okay for a man to do to his own child?

A Woman’s Worth Is Not Determined By Who She Has Sexual Intercourse Or When

Sex is a private matter between a woman and her partner. A woman’s worth should not be determined by her sexual activity. While it is perfectly okay to practice celibacy until marriage, we have to be careful not to shame those who make other choices in life.

The overall hypocrisy of his statements – from a man that has openly cheated on his wife numerous times, shows that T.I. does not have a very high value placed on the women in his life. While I personally don’t feel he revealed this information to hurt his daughter, that is exactly what has happened.

What are your thoughts on T.I.’s interview?

With love,