Krystin Hargrove

This conversation is sponsored by Vicks available at Walmart. All opinions are my own.

It’s the holiday season, with family dinners, holiday parties, keeping the kids focused as they anticipate winter break, and preparing for the new year, mom on-the-go takes on a whole new meaning this time of year! We don’t have time for sickness and would rather prevent putting on our Dr. Mom hat. Today I’m sharing 5 on-the-go healthy tips for the holiday season!

1. Stay Hydrated  

It’s important to monitor your water intake, especially during the holiday season when so much needs to get done. I’ve found grabbing an insulated water bottle to be the easiest way to remind myself to stay hydrated. Fill it up and throw it in your bag every night, you can even add fruit for flavor and additional health benefits. Dehydration reduces energy, makes you tired, and compromises your immune system. This goes for you and the kiddos!

2. Preventative Care

A few things I do routinely are vapor rubs and running humidifiers in both mine and my kids rooms overnight. Cold and Flu symptoms can last as long as a week, it’s important to stock up on your sickness essentials! I love Vicks products. They provide relief from the toughest cough, cold, and flu symptoms. New products like VapoCool provide a rush of Vicks vapors, which I love! I’m all about the Vicks holiday fix this time of year, a staple in preventative care in my home.

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Krystin Hargrove

3. On-the-go Smoothie 

Breakfast of champions! Smoothies are great for breakfast or even as desert after dinner for you and your family. I love these year round for a healthy on-the-go snack, but especially through the holidays. You can also freeze them and make bars for the kids to enjoy. Additionally, I love any way I can save time making sure my freezer and fridge are stocked with everything we need, Walmart has online grocery pickup! Simply place your order online at, select your pickup time, and then your order is brought out to your car when you arrive. Talk about a Christmas miracle—this is a huge time saver!

4. Personal Time 

Stress is a sure way to increase your chances of getting sick. It’s important to carve out time this holiday season to take a minute to rest and recover. That doesn’t mean spend the whole day on-the-go then crash at bedtime! It means take a mindful moment to decompress to reduce your stress levels. Take a walk, read a book, meditate, try deep breathing exercises (this one is my fave), anything that allows you to reduce overwhelm and increase focus. Even though we’re on-the-go, we have to remember to take care of ourselves so we can show up for our families.

5. Spread Holiday Cheer

So many are in need during the holiday season. Doing good keeps you feeling good! Gather friends and family and head to a shelter to feed the homeless, participate in a donation drive, sponsor a family or child that’s less fortunate. This time of year there are so many opportunities to give back and spread holiday cheer. Mental health is just as important as physical health. Small acts of kindness go a long way and mean so much to so many. 

Krystin Hargrove

I hope you enjoyed my 5 on-the-go healthy tips for the holiday season! Share your tips in the comments on how you remain healthy on-the-go and let’s keep the conversation going!  



This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Vicks. The opinions and text are all mine.