Becoming a mom was probably one of the most pivotal moments of my life. Everything changed- some for the good, some for the uncomfortable and some for the different. Child labor is also one of the most difficult things I have experienced. It was almost like an outer body experience and I was sitting there, watching myself go through these motions, silently cheering myself on like YES! You can do this girl. Keep going. As life has progressed, I realize that labor has actually prepared me to deal with certain aspects of my life in the same way. Here are 5 Life Lessons I Learned Through Child Labor. 

Plan It…But Be Prepared To Roll With The Punches

Like every new mother, when I found out I was pregnant I researched every birthing method, hospital, doctor, and birthing plan available. I researched different prenatal vitamins and planned between hypnobirthing and water birthing. I literally had a notebook composed of all of my controlled delusions of how I was just going to simply walk myself into labor, have this baby, and go back to doing yoga the next day. And to be honest, my labor did go mostly according to plan but not all the way. When I think about my life experiences, they have pretty much been on the same accord. I have journaled and written out my life plans for years and while some things have manifested, others have not. And that is ok. Just like labor, I am rolling with the punches…because stressing out about it will only make it that much worse. So even for you reading this, do not completely let your life go wayward. Plan it out. Write down your intentions as clearly as possible. See it happening and it will. But by any chance that it does not go to plan, don’t sweat it.  

It All Seems Easy In The Beginning

Have you ever started a new job or hobby and in the beginning, it is very exciting. It is exciting because it is new opportunity, a new thing out of the norm. Labor is pretty much like this. For 9 months, you are waiting for this moment and when it arrives, you go in like a champ.

I can handle this labor. These contractions are a piece of cake.

We are literally running off of pure adreneline. God gave us that adreneline for a reason. Take this surge of energy in life and be excited, just don’t overexert yourself.

Support Systems Are Great 

We all have different ways we go about needing support. For me, all I wanted was my partner. In my mind, we created this baby together, we deliver this baby together. Some people decide to include their entire family cramped into a small room watching a baby shoot out of their vagina. Not really my style. Looking back, I do wish I would have had a doula. I needed an unbiased person to advocate for me. Life will throw you the same curve balls.

“Who is rooting for you in your corner?”

Some people need a ton of people to cheer them on, some only need one. And for those rare times, it’s ok to reach out to someone completely unrelated to the situation to help you through.

When It Seems Like You Have Had Enough, It Is Time To Transition

I remember bouncing up and down on that labor ball, gritting my teeth and waiting for that next contraction. I was in so much pain, I asked my nurse to give me cocaine to make it go away. This woman must have been used to all types of crazy requests because she didn’t even bat an eye. She just rubbed my shoulders and asked if she could check my cervix. It was time to push. Everything slowed down and for the first time in 24 hours, things seemed clear.

We always hear about life being tough but what does that really mean? In our minds, tough is not what it really is. We think tough is something we are capable of handling immediately or it is stage that we can breeze by and pick up the pieces right away. It does not always work like that.

“Tough, in life, can mean getting to your breaking point, falling off the cliff, and finding the strength to pull yourself back up.”

Tough happens when it is time for us to move forward. Sometimes it happens by chance and sometimes it happens when we fail to properly go to the next step. Once we are able to realize why we have landed in this unbearable stage in our life and are able to see it for what it is, everything hazy will clear up and it will be time to push.

The Outcome Will Blow You Away

Do you remember when you were handed your child for the first time? That wave of emotions that wash over you is indescribable. Here is this little baby that you have grown and nurtured for nine months, sitting there staring at you. All you can think is, ‘nice to meet you little one. I’ve been waiting for you.‘ All of the pain, morning sickness, and worry of stretch marks are gone and all you are left with is the result of plenty of hard work.

Labor has shown me that the outcome is worth the journey. We push, we fight, we show endurance and at the end of that long road is the product of it all. It may take a couple of paths to get there and it may take a lot longer than you hoped, but at the end, we all reach our goals, as long a we never give up. So give birth to your dreams, stay motivated, allow yourself to mourn, and watch what beauty is waiting for you on the other side.

With love,