Bath time is an all time favorite in our household. It is a lot of fun for my daughter and it provides me the time and space to straighten up and prepare dinner. Mamahood has taught me a few things when it comes to perfecting the best bath time for the evening wind down. Check out our ingredients for it below:

Lavender Essential Oil

I am a strong believer in scents being used for relaxation. When it is time to prepare my kiddo’s bath, I always add a few drops of Lavender essential oil to her water to lighten the mood and open her senses. The smell alone seems to calm things down immediately! 

Bathe Before Dinner, Not After

This is completely up to how your child responds but in our home, my little one does better with bath time coming before dinner. She takes it as the beginning of the end of her night. By time she is out of her bath, she is ready to eat, read a story, and say her prayers. Lights out!

Coconut Oil Soothes The Skin

With the colder months approaching, coconut oil is at an all time high necessity. I love to massage it into her skin, rubbing her toes and her hands to relax her body. You can also add melted coconut oil to the bath water for extra moisture. I am a huge fan of the smell of coconut oil. If coconut oil isn’t your cup of tea, try a less scented oil like jojoba oil and mix with a few drops of essential oil.

A Comfy Organic Bath Towel To Share Cuddles

My favorite part of bath time is wrapping my babe up in her towel and giving her lots of cuddles! We love using our Organic Bamboo Hooded Baby Bath Towel by Jols Home. Her adorably cute towel has bear ears on top and is made with the highest quality organic bamboo fabric that is super absorbent and anti bacterial. Mom win- win! Plus, it is really nice for my kid to have her own towels. It gives her a little sense of independence which I definitely do not mind. Want to pick up a few for your home or a friend? Check it out below.

Bathing With Toys Is Fun

I will admit, toys are an everyday part of bath time for us. It allows her to work out that last bit of energy by playing and keeps her pretty entertained. I allow her to play about 30 minutes and all of the splashing around serves as a “pre-clean” before actually bathing. I try to stick to toys made for bath time but sometimes her Barbies end up in there too!

What are some of your favorite ways to wind down at the end of the night? Share them with us below!

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This post is sponsored by Jols Home. All opinions expressed are my own.