Let’s be honest, breast feeding is hard. From feeding schedules, to milk production, to products and more; it’s exhausting and daunting! But just like all other walks in life; practice makes perfect!

Here are my top 5 tips for Breast feeding:

  1. Remain calm.  Hunched over back, clenched jaw, sweating forehead; that sound terrible doesn’t it?  Don’t let that be you when you breast feed.  Instead get into a nice comfortable position, relax not only your body but your mind too and allow your body to flow and do it’s thing.  It sounds so funny but I used to literally visualize my milk coming down from my body into my baby’s mouth. It may sound silly but it worked, I never had one real issue with milk production. 
  2. Get prepared before you start.  Before your baby even gets fussy or you know the time is coming set up your space.  Get your book or tv ready, get the blankets ready, get all your tools ready and in one place because once you sit down to feed that baby that’s it.  You’re at their discretion now when it comes to you getting up.  Some of my favorite products was the Milk Snob nursing cover.  It was stretchy and light weight which worked perfect in public. Even better, it doubled as a car seat cover that I used in the cooler months to block out the wind from baby boy. My other favorite item was the My Brest Friend nursing pillow.  It’s a little thicker than a boppy and more sturdy.  Since having a c- section it was difficult for me to support Tate’s weight a lot in the beginning and this served as a life saver because it was easy for him to lay directly on it without me having to hold it too much and he was higher up for my comfort. There are plenty of products out there find your products, and get everything situated. 
  3. Get your feeding schedule down.  Now this applies mostly to baby’s first few months of life.  Starting out it’s easier if you feed your baby on a schedule and don’t wait until they call for food.  It keeps from having a frantic baby and mama in the long run. In the beginning `you’ll be getting a hang on baby’s sleep schedule, wake schedule, your wake schedule and sleep schedule it will be a lot.  Throw in feedings and it can be easy to forget.  Offering the breast every 1-2 hours for baby’s first few months of life is a good way to get your baby on a schedule to know when the milk is coming but it also helps your body to know when it’s time to let some milk down for that baby too.  Now notice I said offer the breast.  This means if you’re giving the breast to your baby every hour and they seem uninterested or do not want to latch, do not fret, try pushing back to every 2 hours and go from there.  Sometimes your baby not taking the breast simply means they are uninterested in it right now.  Just be sure to pay close attention to make sure your baby is still taking in the rights amount of milk.  Another additional benefit of feeding on schedule is if you wait to feed until baby tells you they are ready to eat it could be a moment of stress.  Baby is screaming because they’re hungry you’re now rushing frantically to get set up and this situation is even worse if you are in public.  To avoid that, feed your baby on a schedule.
  4. It’s all in the hold. Remember we talked about being comfortable well this goes for your positioning too.  There a few different types of holds that you can position your baby in to make it comfortable for both you and them.  Refer to picture below for images of them. For me personally, the football hold was the easiest.  As a new mom having to manipulate baby’s head to my breast, my nipple to their mouth and hold them secure was a lot. The football hold gave me the most control of these things.  
  5. Relaxxxxx.  I CANNOT SAY THIS ENOUGH! You’re let down literally depends on it.  Your body will not let down as much milk as needed as a result of being clenched and tight. This is why your position not only in your house but also with your baby matters so much.  

You made a decision to breastfeed and it’s got you this far; researching tips, finding hacks and more. Doing this shows just how much breastfeeding is important to you already. Committing to this journey is no easy one, but it’s one that is so worth it.

Take care of you too mama,

Aysia B.

  • Aysia is co-editor of our lifestyle section. To read more on this post and more you can check out her blog, Mothering the Mama. You can also follow her on Instagram.