40 Things Women Wish They Would Have Known Before Having Children

From the moment we find out that we are going to be mothers, we start our long list of do’s and dont’s for our motherhood process. Most of us realized very quickly that nearly all of our unbreakable rules are breakable, there will be times when we allow our children to watch television, and every now and again, it is perfectly okay to eat snacks before breakfast. On our Instagram page, we asked our audience what are things they wished someone would have told them before deciding to become mothers.

  1. “The baby needs nothing but plain white onesies at first. Put the rest in a savings account”. – @rawbeauty

2. “I wish someone had told me you may be in shock the first few days and weeks and may not be “in love” with your experience or your baby like they said you would” – @carefullycreatedchaos

3. “Breastfeeding is one hell of a job emotionally and physically” – @kifayate

4. “It’s going to hurt to poop after giving birth vaginally because EVERYTHING gets squashed down there” – @ms.frisco

5. “You can’t do it all.” – @code_name_mama

6. “Trust your instinct, only you know what is best for your baby” 0 @clau757

7. “Newborn phase is the easiest part and to thoroughly enjoy it” – @brepoe519

8. “Your milk doesn’t always come in right away and breastfeeding isn’t something you or your baby will just know how to do out the gate. YOU WILL STRUGGLE.” – @getoutthebox

9. “That it is okay to not know what you’re doing.” – @rai.mamas

10. “It’s okay to respectfully decline unsolicited advice, family included! What works for everyone may not work for you.” – @bunniebunnybonniebawnie

11. “Not everything will come “naturally”…it will take real work and perseverance to get through those early infant days. Be kind to YOURSELF! You WILL get there” – @10deroni_

12. “Take tons of video and pictures because the days will pass fast and you will need something to look back on. You’ll realize you’ve made it so far with your new joy” – @blessedbeyondanything

13. “Practice encouragement vs praise. It makes a huge difference in your child’s motivation.” – @m.joy_xo

14. “Never compare parenting styles and children’s growth. Each kid is different.” – @precious.me2

15. “Take care of yourself! Don’t forget you have needs to.” – @kokoa_kure

16. “Relax. Your hormones play a big part in how you feel, so don’t sweat the small stuff.” – @crossyourheartlove

17. “Hold your baby as much as your want. One day they will grow up and out of your arms…” – @korien

18. “Postpartum is real and you don’t have to go through it alone.” – @abeyoutifullife

19. “You may lose a nipple once they start teething.” – @libertybelle215

20. “That potty training will require patience like no other, but there is light at the end of the tunnel.” – @sharondashariee

21. “You don’t have to do it the way your mom did” – @cristallinay

22. “Recovery takes longer than 6 weeks.” – @qdpeterson

23. “Parenthood is YOUR journey. Stop letting family, friends, society, etc guilt trip you in “what you should’ve did”. When I want your opinion, I will give it to you”. – @kasualvibes

24. “Your way is exactly what your baby needs. Trust your instincts and lean in on your better half. He wants to do the best for you as well.” – @2blesdchick

25. “Enjoy your baby. Don’t worry about the house..just enjoy” – @mrsjaelynnbell

26. “Read parenting books now. Take the classes. Hire a doula. Don’t go to the hospital alone no matter what. Write a birth plan. Interview doctors. Eat better. Visit more than one hospital. Meal prep your food.” – @onlyblackstasinthesky

27. “Use a backpack instead of a diaper bag they hold a lot more have side pockets for bottles and leave your hands free for holding that baby.” – @lauramcbroom

28. “You deserve self care, give yourself credit, don’t lose yourself, it is okay to say not today, get sexy every now and again, you baby won’t love you less because you took a mini vacation.” – @layla_12_mc

29. “It’s okay to not be okay…and sleep when the baby sleeps. Everything will fall into place.” – @hell0_brklynn

30. “Listen to your body and don’t be afraid to ask for help. It doesn’t make you weak or less of a new mom learning how to be a mom. And also, postpartum depression is REAL. Talk to your physician about it on checkups. ” – @mrs.jessicabyrd

31. “Take more pictures WITH your child.” – @punnylady338

32. “Some days you will have great days and then those days when the baby cries you will sit down and cry too. Have 5 people you can call anytime and get a break to breathe and relax.” – @chandra850

33. “Sleep will become a luxury.” – @crown_meeee

34. “Don’t worry about the baby weight, just be healthy and enjoy your baby” – @mscaribella

35. “It is okay to not know what to do.” – @justrenee00

36. “Babies cry. Some more than others. They sometimes cry for no reason. The witching hour is real.” – @selfexplantori

37. “Don’t feel guilty taking care of you…be a little selfish sometimes. If you good, your baby will be good.” – @katcooper516

38. “That men get postpartum depression too.” – @2put_in_motion

39. “Pelvic floor exercises are important and help you. Later progress on to yoni egg. Trust me!” – @mberry_lish

40. “At some point, that baby will fall on the floor – whether you drop him/her or they roll off of something, it will happen and you are still a good mom!” 0@loulnlco

What advice do you have for new moms?

With love,